Rockabilly Clothing Flyers Printed For Lady K Loves

Rockabilly flyer printed by Solopress

From retro swimwear to 1950s sweaters, Lady K Loves have everything you need to achieve the perfect vintage clothes style. So what kind of flyers would be a perfect fit for their rockabilly fashion?

When Lady K Loves decided to promote the new Betty Rae Vintage womenswear range at their Bristol shop, they printed these rockabilly clothing flyers at Solopress using our 380mic pulp stock. The A6 flyers look and feel authentically retro. They’re also environmentally-friendly, as all of our pulp flyers are made from 100% recycled paper and printed using special vegetable-based eco inks.

Lady K Loves rockabilly clothing flyers front

Lady K Loves rockabilly clothing flyers back

“It was the first time I’d used Solopress and I found it extremely easy,” says the founder of Lady K Loves. “A very quick and professional service, I would use Solopress again and recommend them to other businesses.”

Solopress are delighted to report that last night’s launch party for the Betty Rae fashion range was a great success with lots of happy, fabulously impressed shoppers attending this rockabilly clothing premiere. Not only could Bristol’s lucky fashionistas pop along to the Lady K Loves store for a sneak peek at their exclusive new stock, they were also treated to a few cheeky drinks, live music and a 10% discount.

Looks like sarong dresses, bow clips, red skirts, hair flowers and Solopress pulp flyers are popular with vintage clothing fans this summer!

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