House Music Flyers Printed For Priscilla Angelique

Holla single flyer printing for Priscilla Angelique by Solopress

Singer songwriter and music producer Priscilla Angelique produces UK garage, house, neo soul, R&B and hip hop tracks… and her flyers printed at totally rock too!

Priscilla Angelique Peace CD cover in Solopress Printing Spotlight blogIn this current climate where Internet related marketing is a must for any business it might seem that printed matter has a lower profile than it had previously, but that couldn’t be more wrong.  A Priscilla thing is a fledgling independent record label which was started by me, Priscilla Angelique ( I’m a singer songwriter and music producer.  The record label currently works with artists in the UK, USA, France and Russia and focuses primarily on electronic, nu jazz and dance music.  We also make animated music videos.

Although primarily a digital label, conducting most of our business online, the quality of printed promotional materials couldn’t be more important to us and that’s why we use Solopress. I met their staff at an exhibition and started using since then because the artwork on the sample pack was simply stunning. At the time I thought if this business is going to take such care to produce this, then they’ll do a good job of my work too… and they have.

Their turnaround is fast, enabling us to be flexible and produce flyers for events and artist promotional activities at short notice.  Even bespoke jobs are with us the next day and all for a great price. What is most important for us is the reproduction of the colours used for CD inlays. This again is where gets it just right – perfectly matched and of a high quality.

I recently ordered flyers for a promotional campaign for two of my products. The first was for the release of a new album called Positive Digital and the second was for a single called Holla. The flyers looked great. I was so pleased with the finish. And for our business, where image matters, our printed image matters too.

Exclusive Special Offer

We’ll send free tracks to any Solopress customer who joins our mailing list either via or our Facebook page at printed these 350gsm Gloss Flyers for Priscilla Angelique

Holla single flyer printing for Priscilla Angelique by Solopress

Positive Digital album flyer printing for Priscilla Angelique by Solopress

“I am basically a one woman band (excuse the pun!) doing everything from the artwork, music and video production to managing artists for my record label.”

Priscilla Angelique Club Promo Packs

The new Solopress Club Promo Packs for printing premium quality posters and flyers offer incredible value for money to clubs, bands, singers, DJs, promoters, events companies and lots more. Prices start at just £155 (including VAT and free delivery) for 1,000 A6 Gloss Flyers (350gsm) and 25 A3 Gloss Posters (130gsm). Please visit our website or call us on 01702 460047 for more details. Our friendly sales consultants can offer you expert printing advice and quickly place your orders, from 8am to 6pm every week day.


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