Solopress pulp flyer printing for Tracy Morter Photography

Tracy Morter Photography pulp flyers printed by Solopress

A blonde Essex girl who grew up wanting to work for SETI and now photographs weddings and celebrities, Tracy Morter is an expert in capturing “nostalgia for the future”…

Tracy Morter Essex photographer in Solopress Spotlight blogTracy Morter Photography’s ( speciality is natural, relaxed, fun coverage of weddings and civil partnerships. As a member of The Wedding Photojournalist Association, my approach is to document the day and tell the story, not direct it. Covering the whole day helps me tune in with what really matters, learn more about the important relationships within the couple’s families and friends, what moments and details truly matter. Only time can equip a photographer with that knowledge. Every wedding is a privilege to photograph, an utterly special day shared and new friends to be made every time.

Music is another passion and I photograph festivals and gigs too. Clients over the years have included Rik Mayall and Chico. Alongside my husband, we also instigated the Rage Against the Machine Christmas No. 1 campaign in 2009 and raised money for the Shelter charity.

My Style

I chose Solopress for my printing at first because of the fast turnaround, but then discovered the quality was perfect and amazing value. All boxes ticked. My personal favourite is the Pulp Business Flyer, such a tactile card.  In this day and age where pictures are mainly seen on a screen, my flyers are a lovely reminder that being able to hold a photograph is a far better experience. The flyers certainly look wonderful in the beautiful bridal shops in the area.

Solopress printed these Pulp Flyers for Tracy Morter Photography

Tracy Morter Photography pulp flyers printed by Solopress

Tracy Morter wedding flyer photo


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