Boat Hire Leaflets Printed For Onboard

Solopress printed this leaflet for the Onboard rib, yacht and cruiser charter business

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Paul Duffield explains how his boat hire company got Onboard with Solopress during a show at the London ExCeL…

Onboard are a successful rib ride and boat charter company in Portsmouth. Not exactly on the doorstep for using Solopress in Southend but a fantastic previous experience of using their services was encouragement enough to use them again.

I am one of of Onboard’s directors and I have a bit of a passion for boats of all shapes and sizes and it very much constitutes my ‘fun’ business. I also run a successful Internet marketing consultancy which on the odd occasion makes me a ‘few pennies’. I am aware of course that although the Internet and web marketing is extremely important these days, bits of paper and well produced paper marketing materials are still critical to a company’s marketing mix and overall success.

Solopress printed this leaflet for the Onboard rib, yacht and cruiser charter business

Wish you were here!

I have previously used Solopress as an emergency producer of leaflets when I was running an exhibition stand at ExCeL in London. A serious oversight by a staff member here meant we were opening on a stand with a ten thousand pound stand investment but with no leaflets for people to take away for their special offer (entry to a free draw for a luxury powerboat charter). There was no alternative but to put out a Mayday! To the ‘coast printer’ – Solopress.

An hour with a laptop and some fancy software meant I could email Solopress over night and they promised to have the leaflets ready for collection early in the morning. This was the first time we had used them, a couple of years ago now, and my guys waited with baited breath at 7am outside Solopress for the leaflets, ready for a quick return to the exhibition centre at ExCeL.

Onboard's powerboat rib charters are the ultimate thrill rides

Then the next crisis was at 7am! The leaflets were ready but due to a misunderstanding (I have to say due to the nature of our “rushed” job) the leaflets were indeed ready, but A6 not A5 as intended. I was impressed by Solopress’ offer to help initially but what followed was indicative of the no-holds-barred customer service that Solopress delivers.

Solopress immediately reprinted everything on the spot knowing what a critical spot we were in. They let my sales guys return to help man the stand and had their own van deliver directly to ExCeL for us the, literally hot off the press, leaflets. The correct leaflets arrived just as the exhibition doors opened and we were in business from the off. We had an extremely successful show with the free luxury boat charter draw detailed on the leaflets creating a goldmine of leads for us that resulted in many thousands of pounds in business post show.

Blast over the Solent

Onboard offer UK and worldwide yacht chartersI also started Onboard Charters as a second business to follow my boating passion that same year and Solopress by this stage were, pardon the pun, our first port of call from Portsmouth! We had an offer leaflet with some photos of the available boats printed by Solopress and delivered to Portsmouth. Not only was the quality excellent but the prices were cheaper than anything I could source locally. Other leaflets for Cowes week and such like have all resulted in tens of thousands of business over and above our Internet bookings proving just how important both revenue streams are these days.

We now use Solopress without fail for all our print requirements and they produce leaflets, business cards and such like for us. Whenever there has been an issue (normally down to me as usual!) Solopress have sorted it with such good customer service that I have modelled my own business approach to theirs as I know how good it makes customers feel and their perception of the business. It also has the hard cash effect of securing loyal customers and repeat business too of course! A win win without doubt.


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