Invitation Checklist – What To Put On Your Event Invitation

event invitations checklist

Event invitations are as important as the event itself. You have spent months planning the perfect event, but what is the use in all that planning if your invitations don’t meet the cut?

Invitations printed by Solopress for Suki Hubbard

However, invitations are often the first point of contact a person has with the event and so it is important that they appeal to the reader and entice them to fit your event in their busy diary!

Take the stress out of designing your invitations by using our simple checklist below to ensure your invitations include all the essential information:

Essentials to include:

  • What the event is: the reason it is being held, what it entails
  • When: day, date, time (including when the event ends if applicable)
  • Location: full postal address of the venue (including postcode for anyone using satnav). If people are going to be attending from outside the local area or if the event is being held in an unfamiliar location, consider including directions, or a map highlighting the event location.
  • Who is invited: make it clear whether they can bring guests or not
  • Is a RSVP required? If so, make sure you state the preferred method of communication and if necessary include a return address and deadline
  • Contact details: Contact name, telephone number, address, website, e-mail. Links to your Facebook page or Twitter account can also be useful
  • Any cost involved: when this needs to be paid by, as well as accepted payment methods

Additional factors to consider including:

  • Business logo
  • Event sponsors
  • Venue facilities: parking details, nearest bus stop/ train station
  • Dietary requirements
  • Dress code
  • Any special requests