3 creative flyers worthy of a “wow!”


With flyers and leaflets now being used everyday everywhere, it can be hard to stand out these days. Fortunately, this puts people’s brains to work, using their creativity to make eye-catching, unique designs and presentations.

Here are three that’ll make you say “Wow!”

1. Burger Breakdown

Ogres have layers, just like this unique fast food flyer, which takes the viewer through an informative journey of each individual section of the classic cheeseburger, one flap at a time.


2. Flat Pack Time!

This is one pop-up you won’t want to get rid of – a leaflet that unfolds into a 3D bedroom, promoting Ikea’s flat pack furniture.


3. A DIY ‘DIY Kit’

It’s Father’s Day next week on June 18th, so why not fix up a fun, foldable DIY card to make your dad smile? Saves you money on buying him a real toolkit too, albeit not as useful.

Make this yourself

It’s amazing how a piece of paper or card can be transformed into an eye-catching, memorable piece of art that can set an individual or business apart from everyone else.

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