Insanely awesome video game posters by Dylan West

Mass Effect poster by Dylan West

With a visually striking style that fabulously combines minimalism and negative space, these awesome video game posters by Dylan West would enliven the den of any Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox gamer.

Currently studying at Oklahoma State University in North America, Dylan West is a 22-year-old graphic designer whose love for video games, movies and TV shows has inspired the creation of his own poster art business.

“I have been working passionately to create a shop that sells pop culture inspired posters that can be enjoyed by anyone in the world,” says Dylan West on his Instagram page. “I started this shop with only a few designs, but after only a few short months I quickly found my niche and momentum that I needed to make the Pixel Empire thrive.”

The results of West’s creative endeavours, under the guise of The Pixel Empire store on Etsy, speak for themselves…

BioShock – Would You Kindly

BioShock video game poster by Dylan West

Big Daddy, Little Sister and one of the most iconic quotes from the original BioShock game – all in one poster.

Fallout – Enjoy a Nuka Cola

Fallout poster by Dylan West

Nuka-Cola is one of the few soft drinks still available in the post-apocalyptic gaming world of Fallout. This is one of West’s older, pre-negative space poster designs.


Halo poster by Dylan West

Master Chief and the world’s sexiest artificial intelligence Cortana are reunited in West’s Spartans Never Die poster.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Zelda poster by Dylan West

“I have a lot on my plate these days, but thought I would relax and work on a Zelda poster.” –Dylan West (October 2014)

Check out the clever combo of adult Link and adolescent Link in West’s poster illustration.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect poster by Dylan West

Part one of West’s trilogy of Mass Effect game posters. Here, the Citadel is viewed from a unique perspective. This poster is available in a choice of red or blue colours.

Super Mario

Super Mario poster by Dylan West

How many Super Mario characters and props can you spot in this collage?


Titanfall poster by Dylan West

EA’s newest game franchise Titanfall, featuring giant combat exoskeletons, gets the West treatment.

Video Game Posters

All of the above poster designs are available to buy as high quality prints, perfect for framing or wall-mounting, from Dylan West’s Etsy store. There’s also a selection of other pop culture posters to choose from, including Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and the original Star Wars film series.