Business Cards of the Rich & Famous from Lady Gaga to Walt Disney

Business cards of the rich and famous - you'd count your lucky stars if you got one of these

Before the days of smartphones, and mobile tablets – how could you expect someone to remember all the important things about you and your profession, how would you ensure someone walked away with the right impression after a chance encounter?

These business cards of the rich & famous show how their humble and sometimes quirky style ensured their owners were remembered alongside their brand, company or profession. How many opportunities would have been missed if even the likes of Steve Jobs hadn’t bothered to hand out a business card?

Jerry Lang – Yahoo CEO & Co-Founder

Jerry Land co-created in February 1994 with David Filo an Internet website called “Jerry and Dave’s Guide to the World Wide Web” consisting of a directory of other websites. It was later renamed to Yahoo! This business card just reeks of the 90’s!

Yahoo Jerry Lang Business Card

Steve Jobs – Apple

Did he even need a business card? Of course! Everyone needs a business card, especially if you have a really spectacular product. You wouldn’t want to miss out on opportunity because the potential customer couldn’t remember your phone number.

Apple Business Cards

Microsoft – Bill Gates

“William” Gates’ business card looks incredibly retro now, I wonder if at the time this was considered stylish.

Bill Gates Microsoft Card

Lady Gaga

On January 5, 2010, owners of the Polaroid brand announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Lady Gaga, who will serve as the creative director for a special line of Polaroid Imaging products.

lady gaga business card

Andy Warhol

How could we expect anything else from Warhol? This typically whacky and colourful card was created by hand by Warhol himself.

Andy Worhol Business card

Harry Houdini

Triangle business cards? Whatever next! Fancy a Houdini Style Business Card? Check out Solopress’ bespoke work – we can do all kinds of crazy die cut stuff.

Houdini Business Card

Isaac Asimov

I mentioned earlier that some of these business cards were “humble”.

Not this one, however Isaac Asimov was a true natural resource, his works and efforts would have a significant positive impact for years to come, so we’ll let him off for being a bit of a “big head.”

Isaac Asimov Business Card

Dr Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” He liked things simple. Just like his business card.

Einstein business card

Abraham Lincoln

The card was likely printed in 1864 by the Democratic committee as a campaign souvenir and implies Lincoln would be defeated in the ’64 election and on his way back to Illinois to practice law (and split rails).  Owch.

Abraham Lincoln Business Card

Walt Disney – Cartoonist

Are you a graphic designer or artist?  If you’ve not sketched up a business card demonstrating your skills then what are you waiting for! Get going, ink it up and send it over in pdf format and get it printed.

Walt Disney Business Card 


  1. Really cool to see these business cards of the famous. When I was around 18 I used to collect business cards. I was a bit of a geek (still am) and used to organise internet meet ups with people from IRC (chat rooms) and most of them were older than me and had business cards so I used to ask for them. I used to like looking at the different designs. I can remember one of the restaurants in Bath used to have a competition where people left their business cards and they would draw a winner each month. I used to want to ask them if I could have all the cards afterwards (doubt they would have let me).
    I have special notes from Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton that have been written on their own post cards (not promo cards). Which are kinda cool!

  2. This highlights one thing, looking at GaGas minimalist card is the cleanest but also the most boring. Getting a good card designed is important. If it looks like a card made in a machine halfway up the M1 will not stand out to your clients.

  3. Much prefer Einstein’s approach, simplicity to the core. Maybe not the creative type but believe the main aim is to get your message across clearly.

  4. These photos are fascinating. I am an avid history buff and love things like old packaging, ration books, etc, so to see these is very interesting to me. The Houdini one is most unusual!


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