Cats Go Crazy For Catnip Flavoured Flyers

Direct marketing uses home owner's cats to get their voice heard by infusing their flyers in catnip.

Flavoured flyers could be the next big thing in printing and direct marketing, if this clever experiment by Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse and Rethink in Canada is anything to go by!

Catnip flavoured flyers

Catnip Flavoured Flyers

Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse needed a direct mail flyer.

But how do you make direct mail that gets noticed?

You print it on catnip paper.

Firstly, add catnip concentrate to the paper. Bet that smelt really yummy to the lithographic printers working at this Canadian printshop.

Lithographically printed with catnip scented paper

Include a ‘Printed On Catnip Paper’ logo. Now, you don’t see that every day.

Printed On Catnip Paper flyer logo

The flyers themselves, using the tagline (or should that be tabline, short for tabbycatline) of: ‘Cats can’t resist a great deal on cat litter.”

Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse flyers

Delivery time. Will these catnip flavoured flyers actually work on their target audience?

Photo of flavoured flyer posted through door

Cats took notice…

Curious cat with catnip flyer

One very satisfied flyer recipient!

Mmmm tasty

…and their owners did too.

Cat owner picks the flyer up

Here’s the full promo video on YouTube –


  1. haha, I love this!! My young kitten loves catnip and I would probably buy this product if this flyer came through my door!

  2. This is genius, I would be totally suckered by this if it came through my letterbox, as long as the cats didn’t eat it first….

  3. This is brilliant! Only problem is owners might not get to see the promotion if delivered when they were out – cats could destroy it?

  4. I have to keep coming back to this article because it makes me smile. I have all my friends talking about it now and we cannot believe a British firm hasnt picked up on it and copied the idea yet!

  5. This is such a great, original idea! My cats absolutely love catnip and would go crazy for this! Let’s just hope they don’t chew up the bills and bank statements in the process!

  6. This is lovely! Being an avid cat lover, I would probably buy this product if this flyer came through my door. What a clever idea!

  7. What a great idea! My cat Barnaby would love to get his teeth into those flyers. He goes mad for catnip. Would certainly make me want to pick up the flyer.


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