Eye-catching flyers that show it’s hip to be square

Peter Fox square flyers printed by Solopress

In the latest Solopress customer story, Worcestershire graphic designer Peter Fox details how he produced something a little bit different for his own branding…

As a freelance graphic and digital media designer, I insist on both quality and consistency across multiple types of media. Solopress have proven themselves to deliver exceptional colour accuracy and outstanding print quality that replicates what I intend to achieve when working on screen. Whether it’s branding, advertising, or information design, my style of work regularly incorporates finely tuned typography, often with textured layers.

I have ran into issues with other printers in the past, where text doesn’t appear as crisp as it did digitally, or where colours have sunk into darkly textured backgrounds. I can safely say that this is no challenge for Solopress. The quality of the text as well as other small or complex elements is nothing short of perfect, dare I say, even better than it looked on screen!

Bespoke Design

My most recent work, shown below, is a 2-sided square flyer design for my own personal branding, printed on 350gsm silk, cut to 148mm x 148mm. Many of these will be posted to local businesses along with a business letter in a black 150mm x 150mm envelope – which should separate them from the rest of the post. It was important that when printed, they were visually consistent with my new portfolio website and Solopress nailed it.

It’s difficult to judge a printers based on anything but printed work, but I was at first pulled in by an easy to use website that offered everything I wanted: high quality printing, a quick turnaround time and good value for money. As well as a strong social media presence, there’s even a Live Chat feature on the website where some poor chap has to answer floods of questions from customers like me. Now THAT is being on the ball!

Solopress printed these 350gsm Square Silk Flyers for Peter Fox Design

Peter Fox square flyers printed by Solopress

Branding & Identity

What really sold it for me however, was the Solopress sample pack. Being smart about my purchases I had ordered free sample packs from at least 10 other printers around the country. Before even comparing the quality of print, the Solopress sample pack stood out from the rest.

It arrived in the summer, a day after ordering, like something from outer space in a reflective bubble wrapped envelope, protecting it from the sun. The sample pack itself was presented superbly, with a nice little surprise inside. I won’t spoil it for you, but I highly recommend ordering one just to see how far Solopress will go to win you over.

After comparing the quality of print, it was an easy decision. Every sample, from various thicknesses and finishes, felt expensive and the highest quality attainable. As with anything in life, you expect good quality to come at a hefty price, but even they were competitive.

So what’s the catch? Surely an all-singing all-dancing high quality printers that offers affordability, fast delivery and good customer service has a catch right? The only catch is that you’ll find yourself never wanting to use another printers again. As a professional creative, I can’t recommend them enough! Solopress are truly dressed to impress.

Peter Fox graphic designer

“Thrilled with my ‘Silk Square’ flyers from @Solopress highly recommended!”
Peter Fox on Twitter (‏@PeterfoxDesign)


  1. Brilliant and helpful service. great quality products too, thank you for the sample pack that was perfect for my course 🙂

    Kind Regards, Daniel

  2. Always liked simple designs, with lots of ‘white space’, and the square design certainly helps them to stand out from the crowd.


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