Flyers show British consumers how to follow the food chain

Follow the food chain flyer banner printed by Solopress

Food supply specialists Agrantec use Solopress flyers to show British consumers how they can follow the food chain from farm to fork…

Agrantec Follow This Food banner

Food is a supply chain unlike any other. British consumers have a keen interest in knowing exactly what has been done to their food – from the beginning of the food chain right up to when we hold the goods in our hands.

That’s where the food professionals at Agrantec come in. They supply businesses such as farmers, abattoirs, wholesalers, butchers and supermarkets with food tracing systems, enabling them to track products all the way to the consumer. Consumers can simply scan a QR code on Agrantec’s special ‘Follow This Food’ packs to see the full history and story of their food!

As Agrantec rightly remind us on their Follow This Food website, there is an infinite variety of food available to buy in the UK today, all produced in different ways. We all want to feel confident that we are getting the best quality produce from a source that is transparent and sustainable. This is even more crucial to many consumers – and food suppliers themselves – following this year’s horsemeat scandal and the huge amount of damage it caused to British consumer confidence in the food supply industry.

For peace of mind, it’s great to be able to see information on fresh meat and other food items – to find out details about what the animal has been fed, where it has grazed, its age, breed and lots more.

Food Chain Flyers

“Part of our service is to offer promotional material to businesses who wish to promote this food chain traceability to their customers,” says Jessica Jones at Agrantec. “This has to be very reactive on our part, so we require quick, easy and reliable printing services to get the marketing material to our clients as efficiently as possible.”

“When met with tight deadlines, Solopress are reliable, helpful, fast and good quality… ideal for our needs. They are also helpful. When there have been difficulties with artwork, they have been on hand to help. Our latest order of information flyers was a last minute addition to a package offer and we only had 24 hours max to turn these around from scratch. Delivery by Solopress was well communicated and speedy. Phew!”

Solopress printed these 350gsm Silk A6 Flyers for Agrantec

Agrantec Follow This Food flyers

Food chain QR code flyers



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