Gloss Flyers Make The Party Go With A Swing

Swing street ball party logo with dancing couple and retro saxophone

David Parsons of Swing Street Ball wants his next London swing-era dance event to stand out from the crowd. So nothing could be finer than this glossy flyer printed in no timer… by Solopress!

Swing Street Ball Facebook banner

First off, I’m not running a business. I’m a fan of the vintage dance/music scene and wanted to put on a special event with a live band in central London. Not cheap, as anyone who has tried to hire a band or decent hall in central London will tell you. The event page for Swing Street Ball is here if you want to check it out.

So, how do you promote something like that with a VERY limited budget, but still wanting to look professional? Obviously I had to use Facebook as this particular scene is very tight-knit and word-of-mouth counts a lot. But there are SO many people who hate/avoid Facebook like the plague and anyway, Facebook has its limitations.

Here’s the fun Fox Movietone Inspired promo video for Swing Street Ball 2014 on YouTube:

On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Back to the (happier?) old school ways of giving out flyers to potential punters. Face-to-face contact, not messing around in cyberspace. The last event my friends and I put on relied a lot on this method and sold out, so we must have done something right.

Thing is, the last printer we used charged the Earth and this time around it was a question of: we still want that high quality, but not that steep price! Impossible? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Until, after the usual Google search we came across… Solopress. Hmm, we thought, sounds too good to be true. All right, let’s give them a small print run to test.

The result was a quality and service BETTER than the previous high-charging printer, AND with a glossy finish that made the flyers stand out from the crowd (the previous ones had been silk finish). Gob-smacked? You could say that!

So now we have some lovely flyers that we’ve started to distribute, and everyone is happy to receive one as they are so attractive. I’m not kidding myself that it’s the event they’re getting excited about. But hopefully it’s both!

Pretty Fly For A Non-Design Guy

One more thing. I’m no graphic designer, as you can probably tell from the flyer design (the band name got a little lost due to me not choosing the colours very wisely), but the flyers still ended up looking fantastic.

I shall DEFINITELY use Solopress again and would recommend them to anyone else who cares about quality printing, but doesn’t want to take out a new mortgage to pay for it.

Solopress printed these 350gsm A6 Gloss Flyers for Swing Street Ball

Swing Street Ball gloss flyers


  1. Just this week I used Solopress to print A6 350gsm flyers with high gloss on both sides for a very high profile event tomorrow evening. The quality is perfect and the result is a very smart, keepsake worthy, high end party pass. The price and the swift service are excellent. Highly recommended.

  2. finding solopress was the best thing ever for printing! super fast & efficient without compromising on quality!!! I am all for supporting local business but Solopress is a clear leader for us, at the other end of the country!!!

  3. I have used Solopress for business cards and leaflets, and have been impressed by the level of customer service, the quality of the prints and the speedy delivery! I recommend this company to all my clients and would not use anyone else for my printing needs!

  4. Gloss Flyers are the way to go. They look so professional and will last longer in a handbag compared to regular flyers…tried and tested! Very cost effective!!


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