Inspiring Halloween party invitation ideas

halloween invite ideas

From carving pumpkins to watching scary movies, Halloween is a mystical time of year and throwing a party is a great way to celebrate this spooky occasion. But before you start decorating your haunted home or preparing everyone’s terrifying costumes, create the perfect Halloween party invites to set the theme of your event.

If you need some inspiration, we’ve put together some Halloween party invitation ideas to help spark your imagination.

Halloween invite design ideas

Choose a classic design

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a monstrous bash, opting for a traditional Halloween invite lets your guests know exactly what to expect.

Choose from an array of traditional colours, such as orange, green and black. Match with images synonymous with the holiday such as pumpkins, bats and wicked witches, then add your event details for a clear, simple invite everyone will love. Finish with matt lamination paper for a stylish and prominent appearance.

Create a monochrome invite:

Monochrome invitations are perfect for a bold finish which will have a big impact this Halloween. Use a black backdrop and feature white silhouettes such as ghosts and cobwebs for a bone-chilling effect. Pair with big, bold text such as ‘Halloween’ or ‘Haunted House’ and print on spot UV matt laminated paper to add a contrast in textures.

Design a zombie themed party:

Throwing a zombie-themed event is a great way to get creative this Halloween. By designing the perfect invites, your guests will be encouraged to act the part.

Your invites should reflect your theme, using colours such as earthy browns, infectious greens or dangerous reds. Match your images with the perfect wording – like a biohazard symbol stating ‘infected’ or a gravestone marked ‘beware of the undead’. Print on Kraft paper for a durable and strong finish which will last through the apocalypse.

Plan the perfect kids party:

When it comes to planning a Halloween party for your little ones, the invites should be fun and playful rather than dark and scary. Opt for bright colours such as orange, green and purple and include their favourite spooky characters as cartoons.

The invite should also state the type of party and events you’re planning, from trick-or-treat to costume competitions. Include some light-hearted Halloween inspired phrases such as ‘calling all little monsters’ or ‘enter at your own risk’ to get the youngsters excited for the party.

Throw a Day of the Dead event:

Having a ‘Day of the Dead’ party is a great way to add some colour to Halloween and your invites should definitely show this. Choose bold and bright shades on a black or white background to add a striking contrast and include a sugar skull to highlight the Mexican tradition.

The language should also reflect this well-known festival – clearly state ‘Day of the Dead party’ and other associated terms like ‘calling all souls’. Print your invite on gloss paper for a shiny finish which helps make those vivid colours pop.

Create a pop art masterpiece:

Prepare your guests for a night of frights and delights by opting for a pop art design. With bold, contrasting colours and action-packed wording such as ‘boo’ and ‘bang’, your guests will love receiving an invitation which pops.

Use speech bubbles and cartoon characters against a dotted background to create a story-style look for your party. Then print on spot UV matt laminated paper to create a textured finish.

Go for a minimalistic design:

For something a little different, try a simple design. Minimalistic invitations are easy to design and are ideal for a subtle feel with a big effect. Try and stick to two or three soft shades and one main image to get the full effect of a minimalistic design. Print on pulp paper for a soft finish.

Add a contemporary twist:

Choose a contemporary invite and add a modern touch to your Halloween celebrations. Opt for abstract prints and pastel colours over orange pumpkins and black cats. Print on silk paper to highlight the different details within the invite.

Whether you’re planning a costume contest for your little monsters or a murder mystery soiree, the right invitations can start your Halloween festivities with a bang. Create your spooky designs by visiting our party invitation page.