8 products to boost your brand this summer

The sweltering weather is in full effect, but are you bringing the heat when it comes to getting your message across in these summer months?

There are plenty of summer-themed print products available that can help your audience have fun in the sun while working up a real sweat making your brand visible. 


Gazebos are Britain’s best friend in the summer. They’re there to provide shade during sweltering temperatures, like our recent record-breaking heatwave, but they’ll shelter you equally as well when the heavens open. With a Gazebo, you’ll be covered whatever the British summer throws at you. 

These Gazebos make the perfect stall for festivals, market stands or to complete a pub garden. Gazebo’s become the focal point of every setup and with your brand firmly placed as the focal point, they’ll stick firmly in the memory of everyone having a good time. 


Sunshine is a blessing but when there’s too much of a good thing, Parasols will bring you comfort and shelter from the menacing heat! Create a vivid design and watch your brand sizzle in the sun. A custom Parasol is a brilliant way for your customers to enjoy your brand.   

Waterproof to keep you dry and fire-rated so you don’t burn, Parasol’s offer a fantastic addition to your summer survival kit. They’re a perfect addition to beer gardens and will look like an armada strung along a beach, alongside deck chairs, for your customers to enjoy the sun this summer without overheating.  


In the summertime, sightseers love to pound the pavement and take in their surroundings. When they need a break from treading the path of a thousand tourists, Printed Seating provides a welcome respite for weary feet, but it’s also an opportunity to introduce your brand to a new audience. 

Activate your customers’ summer holiday mode! Apart from a cold beverage, what more could they want? String them along a beach and watch holiday-makers flock to them. Fill up cafes, restaurants or other hotspots with your seating and watch the relief on your customers’ faces. 

Water Bottles 

We’re all guilty of not keeping hydrated all year round, not just in the summer. By giving your customers a Water Bottle that’s handy at all times when they’re out and about, you’ll be saving them from a dry-mouthed panic as they search for a shop. 

Supplying your customers with Water Bottles is a great way to say no to single-use plastics and yes to drinking sustainably. Take your brand abroad on holiday with your customers and have it on display every time they rehydrate themselves. They might be switching off, but you’ll always remain in their eye line with a branded Water Bottle.


Bags are essential for everyday tripping, beach sitting, and history viewing tourists, so there is a Bag for everyone. For an organised, smooth-sailing holiday, Bags are a must.

There are several ways to spot Brits abroad or on holiday. We’re known for taking everything but the kitchen sink everywhere we go so we’re always covered for every situation. With a Bag strapped over their shoulder, Brits abroad stand out like sore thumbs. Make them stand out for the right reason, with your Branded Bag. 

Our range of Bags offers a sustainable solution to leaving no stone unturned when your customers go out and about on holiday. 


A Bookmark is an essential travel partner no matter the time of year. However, on a beach with the sea breeze constantly closing your book, a Bookmark becomes essential. Your customers will be grateful that you saved them the chore of finding their place each time they return to their thrilling tome!  

By creating your own personalised Bookmark, you’ll be in the hearts and minds of your customers every time they turn a page. Not only limited to the beach, but Bookmarks are also a peaceful companion for spa retreats and city breaks. They’re the perfect plus one for every travel journey. Planes, trains and automobiles would be impossible to withstand without a Bookmark to help make time fly by. Lightweight and small, Bookmarks take up no travel space so can be compatible no matter the destination. They’re the versatile travel companion all of your customers would want to spend time with. 

Power Banks 

Pocket-sized for every destination, Power Banks keeps your customers charged on the go so you don’t have to think about finding the nearest power point to charge your phone. Whether they’re relaxing on the beach, going for lunch or walking around local ruins, make sure they’re never running on empty.

What can your customers do when they’re in a foreign country, lost, unable to speak the language and with a flat phone battery? They’ll most certainly be grateful to your Power Bank for getting them out of that sticky situation. Power Banks remove any if’s and maybe’s from their summer holidays and keep them firmly in control.  


Summer and Sunglasses are like fish and chips: they’re a classic holiday combo. Squinting from sunlight is never a pleasant experience. After all, eyes are precious and protecting them while enjoying the heat is a serious business. Let customers protect their peepers and take sunshine in their stride and they’ll have your branded shades to thank. 

Sunglasses come in handy no matter the destination. Sunshine is the obvious usage but whether it’s on a beach, walking through hotspots or even shredding snow on slippery slopes, give your customers the solution to stopping the glare get in their way of a good time. 

All our sunglasses maintain the highest international standards to protect your eyes from UV radiation. 

School’s out for summer 

So, school’s out for summer and now you know how you can take it to the next level for your customers. We’ll be here every step of the way to help you make this summer one to remember.