Creating the complete Nursery Leaflet – with your ready-to-use Nursery Flyer Template

Nurseries operate in a competitive market, with each school vying to be the number one destination for early years development in their area.

Given the fact that nursery schools are often over-subscribed, you’d be forgiven for thinking the fiercest competition would exist between rival parents, not rival nurseries!

However, reaching out to your audience with printed material remains important in conveying information about your nursery. Professionally designed Nursery Flyers offer an unmissable opportunity to express your ethos and remain the most sought-after pre-school in your area. Eager parents will be grateful to learn when to register, how to apply and what your deadlines are.

How to design a Nursery Leaflet

Get creative with your Flyer design and persuade parents that your nursery is the ideal choice for them to let their kids develop through their early years.

How you design your nursery Flyer should depend upon your design experience. If you’re a more experienced designer, free-styling will be more suited to you. Alternatively, our dedicated in-house team are more than ready to step in and produce your perfect print if you need help in the design process.

Ways to design your Nursery Flyer:

  • From scratch
  • Flyer templates
  • Create your own
  • Nursery Flyer example

From scratch

Experienced designers may be more comfortable starting from a blank canvas when creating their perfect nursery Leaflet. If you’re confident in providing artwork with the correct colours, bleed, margin and safe areas then starting from scratch will suit you.

For more detailed information on artwork requirements for Leaflet printing, you can visit our useful support guide. You can proof your artwork online to ensure that it is ready for print.

Leaflet templates

For less experienced designers, using one of our helpful templates is a great starting point for creating your perfect print.

As with any Flyers from Solopress, we have plain templates available in PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign file formats. These are available for any size Leaflets. Essentially, they’re empty pages set up for you in the ready-to-print criteria we require.

Create your own

Use our Create Your Own Tool, here on the Solopress website, if you don’t have the editing software to edit or design your artwork. It’s essential, if you use our Create Your Own Tool, that you’re logged into your Solopress account. If you don’t, your artwork won’t save and your progress will be lost.

Nursery Leaflet example

To aid your designing endeavours, we’ve created a sample Nursery Leaflet template which you can use royalty-free. Our Nursery Leaflet template can be found in the sample library within the Create Your Own Tool.

Again, you must be logged into your Solopress account when you’re using this tool.

Our Nursery Leaflets example is available to download in these Adobe file formats:

Nursery Leaflet Template Side 1

Nursery Leaflet Template Side 2

Learn your ABCs

Downloading our template or using our Create Your Own Tool affects which fonts you will have available to you for your design.

When you use our Create Your Own Tool, you gain access to our 18 free fonts. Alternatively, you can use any fonts you already own when designing on our downloadable Nursery Leaflet Template.

Put it in writing

It’s a priority that you use language and provide selling points which are attractive to the adults or carers whose confidence you are trying to gain.

People reading your Flyer could be on the fence, nervous about who to trust leaving their loved ones with. Talk of the benefits that stand your nursery above the rest and leave no questions in parents’ minds that your nursery is the best destination for their kids.

Through work or other commitments, each parent will require different assurances from prospective nurseries, such as opening and closing times. Make sure you try to leave as few questions, in the minds of parents, as possible.

Struggling with how to write your Leaflet? Our article will arm you with all the answers you need.

The meat and potatoes

Several basic pieces of information need to be within your handout. Essentials that must be on your Leaflet:

  • Your Nursery’s name
  • Your opening times
  • Contact details
  • Your address

A great piece of detail to include would be any before or after school care that you provide, as this could be essential for some parents.

On top of this, parents would find it useful information to know if you offer care through half-terms or holidays. Even if they don’t take advantage of this extra care, many parents would feel comfortable knowing it’s there if circumstances required it.

It could be a good idea to highlight your DBS checks and show your level of childcare qualifications to save parents from doubting you. Your Ofsted ratings are something that could be a deciding factor for many adults.

Remember, although you’re looking after children, you’re selling to their parents. Therefore your grammar, spelling and typography are critical for looking professional to parents.

The bigger picture

Having poor, pixelated pictures can be very detrimental to the credibility of your Leaflet. On the flip-side, having high-quality photography can highlight professionalism and other key attributes you want to impress prospective parents.

As you’ll no doubt know, photographing children is not something you can do on a whim. If you’re planning on using photos from your nursery, you’ll need the permission of the children’s parents or guardians, both for taking the pictures in the first place and additionally for using them in promotional material.

Alternatively, using stock images of children will be the most straightforward way to get great-quality pictures without any hassle. You can pay for sites like and, or you can use photos from free sites such as and

Regardless of which site you use, you can rest assured that the legalities will have already been handled regarding the photos.