Split deliveries and a new look checkout for Solopress

New Checkout

Solopress are always looking for ways to improve customer experiences and smooth the journey from a great idea to the delivery of fantastic print.

With this goal in mind, we’ve just completed a major overhaul of our checkout process.

The improvements we’ve focused on are based on customer feedback as well as the desire to accommodate exciting new features.

From front to back, we’ve remodelled the system to make it faster, simpler and to implement our brand-new split delivery service.

Split deliveries

The headline news for many businesses will be the ability to split deliveries online so that they’re sent to multiple addresses. This will be a huge benefit to print resellers, retail and hospitality chains — and to any businesses with a need to distribute their print to several different locations.

Imagine Flyers or Leaflets arriving in batches at the home addresses of local deliverers. Menus going straight to each restaurant in your chain without having to be collated and repackaged.

Our Customer Service advisers have always been happy organise split deliveries by special arrangement. However, our new checkout solution allows you to complete the process online, with no need to call. Entering multiple addresses is simple and our redesigned checkout screen allows you to see clearly which quantities are headed to each location.

Split delivery from Solopress now allows you to:

  • Enter unlimited multiple shipping addresses at checkout
  • Specify quantities for each address
  • Select separate delivery dates for each address.
  • Tell us which addresses require Standard, pre-10.30am or pre-12pm delivery

With the information you submit at checkout, we pack and collate each parcel and dispatch them as per your specifications. But the improvements don’t end there. There’s an array of other advantages ushered in by our latest checkout upgrade.

Split Deliveries

Clean, simple design

Our new straightforward layout makes the checkout process easier to use at every stage. The redesigned page makes all those details regarding what’s in your basket and what you’ll pay clearer than ever.

Print preview

When your products have undergone the online proofing process, you’ll see a preview of your artwork right there on screen. This gives you added peace of mind as you press print on a big order, seeing the size, quantity and delivery details next to each proofed artwork.

Faster checkout

We’ve sped up the process, with fewer hoops for you to jump through. Whether you’re creating an account, signing in, or checking out as a guest user, we’ve cut out unnecessary steps and improved site speed, making your journey quicker and easier.

Clarity on dates

Our new system allows us to show true delivery dates for each line item rather than a generalisation across the whole basket. That means you’ll have an accurate indication of when each product will reach its destination. Also, we’ve removed place-holder delivery dates where artwork is not yet approved. This removes the risk of customers expecting delivery on a certain date when the print hasn’t even been proofed.

So check it out…

We’re confident that these improvements have resulted in a smooth and pleasing checkout experience for everyone. And for anyone juggling multiple delivery addresses, we hope we’ve removed the headache of diverse distribution paths — cutting down on time and workload as you get your print where it needs to be.

So next time you place an order at solopress.com, expect a fresher, clearer checkout at the end of your journey. And why not explore how split delivery can help to get your print into the right hands in one easy transaction?


  1. This is so good to hear. Having to create 6 orders for 6 London eateries being delivered the same items was a real slog to go through.

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