How To Host A Rocky Horror Dinner Party

rocky horror dinner party

A Rocky Horror Dinner Party is a great way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year! 

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re looking to party in a different way, invite your friends over and do the Time Warp – once you’ve let your meal settle, of course. Getting together and watching the classic b-movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight is a popular event around the world on Halloween; some people head to the cinema while others watch at home. But if you start your evening a little earlier, you could have a Rocky Horror Dinner Party before watching the flick.

get ready to host your own rocky horror dinner party
Rocky Horror Picture Show concept art by Rocio Urtecho.

One From The Vaults

Dig through your wardrobe and see what you can pull out to create a great costume, as you might be surprised what you can make work! Bow ties, bowler hats, sparkly waistcoats, denim vests and even surgical scrubs (for any participating carers or medical professionals!) will all come in handy. If you’re inviting friends to the party who have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, they may need some fancy dress prompts in order to prepare.

Must-have characters include:

  • Rocky
  • Dr. Frank-n-Furter
  • Brad
  • Janet
  • Columbia
  • Riff Raff
  • Magenta
  • Dr. Scott
  • Eddie
rocky horror dinner party costume ideas
If you’ve seen the film already, you’ll find Rocky’s “response” in this meme quite funny.

It’s Not Easy, Having A Good Time

To avoid confusion with guests or help encourage Rocky Horror newbies, party invitations could include a list of main characters and their costumes and roles. The more direct route of assigning characters is also an effective way to prevent having 5 Dr. Franks and no Riff Raff, for example. If you want to get really elaborate, you could even slip in dance cards explaining how to do the Time Warp, so everyone is prepared to dance the calories off after you eat.

rocky horror dinner party time warp dance cards
Let’s do the Time Warp again!

Over At The Frankenstein Place

Decorations for your themed Rocky Horror Dinner Party can vary wildly, depending on your favourite scenes from the film. Certainly, anything that hints at a decrepit and mysterious old castle, such as gargoyles and even coffins, would be fitting. Covering furniture in sheets (to make it look like you’re moving) would also work, especially if you accent rooms with decorative cobwebs and low lighting.

Another idea is to focus on Dr. Frank-n-Furter’s laboratory as the theme for your dinner setting, with test tubes and “lab equipment” style decorations. This may require some real planning and imagination, however! Finally, no Rocky Horror event would be complete without an “Enter At Your Own Risk” sign; thankfully, utilising poster printing to create a version of your own just like in the film is easy.

rocky horror dinner party enter at your own risk
We can print your own version of this famous sign to decorate your Rocky Horror Dinner Party.

Come Up To The Lab

And see what’s on the slab! You can go many different directions with your meal planning, and might need to take dietary restrictions into consideration.  Highly colourful and decorative cocktails are a brilliant accompaniment to the meal, which might include “hot patootie” soup to start and meatloaf as part of the main. A wintery soup with pumpkin would be fitting for the time of year, and your meatloaf could feature a “bit of a mind flip” by being stuffed with tomatoes, herbs and cheese. Finally, why not hand out Rocky Horror cupcakes for dessert?

Regardless of what menu you come up with, there is no doubt your meal will be more successful than the shocking dinner party in the film!

rocky horror dinner party dessert cupcakes
Don’t this tasty cupcakes have you shivering in anticipation?

Too Nice A Job To Rush

Once you’re finished eating and your stomachs have settled, it’s time to put on the film. Whether you allow your guests to include props like newspapers and playing cards is up to you, though we don’t suggest you spring for rice and water guns in house! Hosting a Rocky Horror Dinner Party will make this Halloween a memorable one.

rocky horror dinner party cheap invitation printing
It’s party time this Halloween!


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