Silk flyers showcase the beautiful reportage wedding photography of Edward Burbidge

Photograph from Edward Burbidge - bride and groom walking through hedges together

Wedding photographer Edward Burbidge believes the print quality and prices of the silk flyers at Solopress are like a breath of fresh air to any business’ marketing budget…

Edward Burbidge Wedding Photography banner

Edward Burbidge is a Queensberry wedding photographer based in Worcestershire. He specialises in documentary-style photojournalism, also known as reportage, quietly capturing moments as they naturally unfold. To this he adds a little lifestyle portraiture and plenty of detail to give a unique blend of creative images that tell the story of your special day.

Edward aims to be as discreet and unobtrusive as possible during #thebigday, allowing you to enjoy yourselves without really noticing he’s there taking photos. Because really it’s not about the photography itself. It’s about the tears, the laughter, the nervous groom, the excited flower girl and the intricate details. All recorded in a beautiful visual narrative.

Exceptional Silk Flyers

“As a professional wedding photographer I have access to the best album makers and print labs in the world, so I’m used to dealing with exceptional quality products,” says Edward Burbidge. “Any business wants the best marketing materials it can afford, but this is especially important for photographers. Imagery is our shop window, so the print quality – the resolution, colour rendering and material finish – are critical.”

“Unfortunately, I’m also used to paying premium prices for that quality when it comes to marketing materials like business cards and flyers. But Solopress prices are like a breath of fresh air to any business’ marketing budget. I have to confess, when I first came across Solopress I feared their competitive price and fast turnaround might be at the expense of quality, but I was happily proved wrong!”

Solopress printed these 350gsm Silk DL Flyers for Edward Burbidge Photography

Edward Burbidge Photography silk flyers

“I was very impressed with my recent order from Solopress. I would use you again without hesitation, and certainly recommend you to others. Keep up the remarkable work!”
Edward Burbidge, Photographer

Q&A with Edward Burbidge

It’s always brilliant for us to hear the reasoning behind our customers’ buying decisions – and what they want to achieve with their print marketing campaigns. Hopefully Edward’s answers will inform and inspire your own decisions when it comes to choosing a particular Solopress product.

Edward Burbidge wedding photographer

Solopress: Why did you choose to print on that particular type of Solopress flyer (350gsm Silk Flyers)?
Edward Burbidge: 350gsm silk seemed the best combination of quality and cost for my flyers.

Solopress: Who is your flyer aimed at?
Edward Burbidge: This order is for handing out to prospective clients – engaged couples –  at the “I Will” wedding shows taking place this autumn. In the future I would like to use these flyers as part of vendor partnerships, leaving a handful at bridal dress shops, cake shops, florists, etc. that I’ve done business with.

Solopress: Where do you distribute your flyers?
Edward Burbidge: My flyers will be distributed at wedding shows and other wedding-related business properties throughout Worcestershire.

Solopress: Have you had any feedback about your flyers from clients and other people?
Edward Burbidge: Initial feedback from friends and colleagues is all positive. I’ll know more after the wedding shows!

Solopress: How do you measure their success?
Edward Burbidge: Primarily by the number of enquiries I get from people who have seen or received one of my flyers.

Solopress: Would you consider ordering any of our other products – posters, stickers or banners, for example?
Edward Burbidge: If the wedding shows go well in autumn, I’ll be looking to build on that with products such as roller banners and exhibition stands. Leaflets, compliment slips and greeting cards (I use them to send to clients on their 1st anniversary) are also of interest to me.

Solopress: Are there any products not currently in our range that you’d like to see introduced?
Edward Burbidge: I’d like to see CD/DVD wallets that I could use to package a client’s disc of images.

Solopress: How is business at the moment?
Edward Burbidge: The wedding business is still largely seasonal so there’s a slight lull at the moment. People tend to be off on holidays, but that’s when a lot of men decide to propose, so when they’ve returned home it’ll be full swing again. I’m making the most of the quiet-before-the-storm to prepare for the wedding shows.



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