10 events you need a Selfie Frame for

A Selfie Frame is the perfect plus one to bring to any celebration, no matter the occasion.  

They’re the guest who makes everyone laugh, gathers people together and helps make the event a memorable one. Whatever get-together you’re planning on hosting or attending, they’re a brilliant addition. 

Event planners, photographers and venue managers could all benefit from keeping a selection of fun-themed Selfie Frames on hand to bring an extra dimension to parties and celebrations. Here are our top ten events we think a Selfie Frame is essential for. 

  1. Birthday parties

Help your customers celebrate their annual trip around the sun with a Selfie Frame to capture those special moments. A fun frame offers a timely incentive to capture those smiles that stretch from cheek to cheek, those laughs that you can still hear through a photo or those treasured embraces from loved ones.  A one-off customised design dedicated to the birthday boy or girl will make them feel extra special on their big day. 

  1. Weddings

A wedding day is as special as they come. A once-in-a-lifetime moment that needs a photo album of its own. Bring a photo booth filled with photo props to your customers and they’ll let loose with their best friends and loved ones. Customise your frame with a unique design specific to the couple. Include their names so everyone can get their photo together on their special day. 

  1. Business shows

Business shows can feel a little cagey at the outset. A Selfie Frame is a perfect tool to break the ice and inject some energy into the event. Help businesses bring some smiles to their stand and you’ll help make sure their business sticks in people’s minds as they make their way home. Brand your Selfie Frame with a relevant hashtag so your stall can spread awareness on social media. 

  1. Graduations

Graduations are a celebration of achievement. Whether it’s a graduation from primary school, secondary school, college, A levels or higher education, a custom selfie frame is a brilliant way to capture your celebration in style. Help your graduates make memories to last a lifetime before they move on to their next phase of life. Make your graduation frame unique with a ‘Class of (insert year)’ or with your school, college or universities name and logo. 

  1. Award ceremonies

Capture the memorable achievements of deserving prize-winners at their awards night with a celebratory selfie, framed by your bespoke border. Include your hashtag on your design to help promote your event on social media. Customise it with a brand name, colours and logo and make it both recognisable and shareable. 

  1. Christmas parties

It doesn’t take much to get in the festive spirit, but you can take the Christmas cheer to another level with  Selfie Frames. They’re a great addition to a work’s Christmas party, or for a social or family event amid the festive spirit. Create your design with a Christmas twist that’s relevant to your industry, venue or event. 

  1. Business conferences

Business conferences can become quite exclusive events. Help everyone loosen up and merge different tables, teams and companies who have come together to participate at a conference. Add a unique hashtag to your custom frame to make your conference easily shareable on social media to help spread awareness for your conference.  

  1. National holidays

Let your guests take pride in their national holidays and celebrate in traditional style. Whether they’re celebrating St Patricks Day, Bonfire Night, or Burns Night, combining tradition with a modern twist in a Selfie Frame will make a memorable day and night for them. A custom frame could offer a midnight moment for New Year, a fiery selfie for Bonfire Night, or a sweet pic for Easter! Your design possibilities are endless! 

  1. Anniversary celebrations

Mark a couple’s major milestone with a memorable night. They can celebrate their wedding anniversaries and make it one for the album with Selfie Frames. They’ll inspire guests to capture unforgettable images at those big celebrations where all their loved ones are in one place. Whether it’s a ruby, gold or platinum anniversary, a custom Selfie Frame will help capture the moment perfectly.  

  1. Fancy dress

There’s never a bad time for a fancy dress party! Look no further than a custom Selfie Frame as the perfect addition to your party planning arsenal. Bring a photo booth filled with picture props and you’ll make a fancy dress event even more elaborate. With a frame in hand, you’re guaranteed to capture every silly costume. Go spooky for Halloween, retro or vintage themed, or sparkly for a Princess party. Excuses for a fancy dress party are endless and so are your design possibilities. 

Selfie Frames for every occasion

Do you need a Selfie Frame for an upcoming event? We offer two fantastic options for you: either our A0 frames which are perfect for group pictures; or our smaller A1 frames which are brilliant to capture those more intimate moments between couples, loved ones or best mates.