Election Leaflets: 7 Best Design Examples

Conservative Tackling Anti-social Behaviour flyer front

It’s election time again! But which election leaflets from recent times get our vote for being the best designed?

Politics spark heated debates at the drop of a hat, so before we start our latest graphic design showcase, it’s probably worth mentioning that all the election leaflets featured below are purely here because of an exemplary design (compared with their contemporaries). They are not, in any way, endorsements of the politicians, parties or opinions they include.

John Tanner On Your Side

Issued by the Labour Party in 2013 – this leaflet was delivered in Oxford East.

Labour On Your Side election leaflets

Labour On Your Side leaflet back

A brilliant template for Labour’s candidates. Nice photo, memorable name and mission statement on the front; photo news story and more info on the back. It even includes a QR code for your smartphone. Time and again, Labour produce much better looking election leaflets and flyers than their main rivals in the Conservative Party. That’s definitely something for the Tories to consider changing before the next General Election.

Save Our Royal Mail

Issued by the Labour Party in 2013 – this leaflet was delivered in Ipswich.

Labour Save Our Royal Mail election flyer

Although it’s for an ultimately unsuccessful campaign by Labour, there’s no denying this is an eye-catching flyer. Links to web, Facebook and Twitter pages also encourage further voter engagement with the campaign. All three of these online destinations feature branding and design that’s consistent with the original leaflet. They are also still being updated with the latest news and issues regarding the Royal Mail’s controversial privatisation. Adding social media links to printed literature is a great marketing tactic that many politicians and campaign managers foolishly neglect to do.

Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

Issued by the Conservative Party in 2012 – this leaflet was delivered in Manchester Central.

Conservative Tackling Anti-social Behaviour flyer front

Conservative Tackling Anti-social Behaviour flyer back

At least the Conservative Party’s HQ did put some effort into the design of their political pamphlets in their Police and Crime Commissioners election printing. From a design perspective, the “intouch” newsletter template that’s currently being used by Conservative councillors and MPs should be dumped quicker than a disgraced Tory minister who’s been backed to the hilt by the PM himself.

UKIP’s Fighting For You Against…

Issued by the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in 2014 – this leaflet was delivered in North West Hampshire.

UKIP Fighting For You election flyer front

UKIP Fighting For You election flyer back

Nothing fanciful, but the UKIP message is presented loud and clear.

Vote Anna McMullen For Easton

Issued by the Green Party in 2013 – this leaflet was delivered in Bristol West.

Vote Green election flyer front

Vote Green election flyer back

This is more like it. A good balance of text and imagery in the leaflet’s design layout will help entice the voter into reading more, or all of it. The use of the colour green in their branding is a no-brainer, of course. Also great to see the Green Party living up to their political beliefs by printing Anna’s election leaflets on 100% recycled paper using environmentally-friendly vegetable inks.


Issued by the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in 2013 – this leaflet was delivered in Oxford West and Abingdon.

Vote UKIP election flyer front

Vote UKIP election flyer back

Straightforward design, enlivened by bold colouring. However, that unsightly “/” next to UKIP.org should have been ditched before the final proof went off for printing. Maybe change the photo too. Sadly, not many politicians use professional photographers for their publicity shots.

Who Can Win For Cornwall?

Issued by the Liberal Democrats in 2013 – this leaflet was delivered in North Cornwall.

Liberal Democrats Cornwall election flyer front

Liberal Democrats Cornwall election flyer back

Nicely laid out, but a mind-numbingly dull way by the Lib Dems to get voters interested in the point their trying to make. Only accountants and digital marketing execs are intrigued by graphs.

Election Leaflets

A very special thank you to the ElectionLeaflets.org website for sourcing all these images of election leaflets. Started in 2008, this ambitious online project aims to keep a visual record of all the political and election leaflets issued during every UK electioneering campaign. If you’d like to contribute an election leaflet you’ve received recently (or at any time in the past), you can upload a scan or photograph of them to ElectionLeaflets.org at ‘Add A Leaflet’.

Don’t Forget To Vote

The European Parliamentary, English local government elections, mayoral elections and local government elections in Northern Ireland take place on Thursday 22nd May 2014. The deadline to register to vote in any of these elections is midnight on 6th May. Visit The Electoral Commission’s website at www.aboutmyvote.co.uk for more information. It’s your vote, don’t lose it!

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  1. Though not a socialist….but a designer I have to agree the Labour leaflet is by far the best and the UKIP one with all the photos the worst for design and the Liberals ones the dullest with the Conservative one not far behind. Labour generally get the right eye catching design as red and yellow are brash and catch the eye which is ehat you need when the leaflet falls on the door mat.


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