Rethinking Packaging: Usefulness And Style

fragile rethinking packaging

More consumers are shopping on the Internet now than ever before, and as online shopping becomes prevalent, brands are rethinking packaging. 

Is it protective? Environmentally friendly? Cost effective? These and more are all excellent points to consider when packaging products sold online.

rethinking rapid packaging

Consider Your Brand

When selecting packaging for your company, consider that it says something about you and your brand. Packaging is more than just functional, it’s an opportunity to communicate with your customers and remind them why they chose to shop with you. Great packaging and shipping practices encourage customer loyalty. To make yours a success, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What do you think they’d like to see in the post, and what should be included?

Consider including:

rethinking packaging compliment slips

Along with the items purchased. While packaging should ideally be stylish, reflective of your brand and protective of what you’re posting, it should also reflect the feel and personality of your brand and shop. Depending on your budget and the type of business you run, you may even want to experiment with homemade packaging, as it can be an affordable and unique option.

Awesome Reusable Packaging

Reusable, returnable packaging is also gaining in popularity. Some companies are starting to create shipping containers and packages, like hand totes, sleeve packs and boxes, from sturdy materials such as coroplast. They can be returned to shipping centres or through couriers and reused on future orders. While reusable packaging may be a more significant investment initially, in the long run it can save companies money; not to mention the fact that it’s better for the earth.

Great Examples

“Fragile” is a great example of how brands are rethinking packaging for the age of online shoppers. It’s not just books and DVDs we’re buying online anymore; even housewares and other delicate objects are being ordered over the internet. A cocoon-like shipping container, it features a flexible, protective skin that moulds to whatever is placed in it. Stretched within two frames for a briefcase-like structure, the membrane seems to snuggle up what’s contained within. It’s then placed into a conventional shipping box. This innovative design makes Fragile a resilient and durable choice for shipping oddly-shaped items.

Another creative new feature of some packaging is the clever rip cord, used for ease of opening. The rip cord string is stuck to the tape sealing the box shut, with the end resting in between the gap of the box flaps for easy access. Currently in development from Quirky, it’s a product that, should it receive enough votes and attention, could be mass produced in the future.

fragile rethinking packaging

The 4 R’s Of Packaging

Whenever you’re rethinking packaging, whether it’s a new design or material used, it’s wise to keep the “4 R’s” in mind.

  • Reduce: Consolidate orders to deliver more products in fewer packages
  • Reuse: Use packaging again, especially shipping boxes and cushioning materials
  • Return: Bring or send back packaging to local shipping stores or outlets
  • Recycle: Corrugated and other materials, including polyethelene films, can all be broken down and turned into something new

With these examples and ideas in mind, there is plenty to consider regarding packaging and shipping products sold online. Even if there isn’t time to put these thoughts into action for this holiday shopping season, you could always implement them for the new year!

Great For Your Business

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