11 great uses for swing tags

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With a little thought, swing tags can be more than, err, just little cardboard tags on a string…

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A swing tag is a simple yet eye-catching and effective way of giving your merchandise and products that ‘little bit more’; that ‘come and get me now’ instant, irresistible appeal that can often be the key difference between turning a browser into a buyer.

A swing tag can also save the day when a sticky label just won’t do; making swing tags the ideal labelling solution. And of course, they are also double sided allowing the user the opportunity to communicate more information. What’s more, swing tag design is virtually infinite, which means their use for your business or organisation could also be.

Here are 11 cunning ways to use swing tags:

1. Attach to products to promote your overall brand i.e. your website, other outlets and contact details.
2. Attach to products to give potential buyers more information such as price, size, ingredients, use by date etc.
3. Cross-sell your goods by creating ‘collections’ of your products to help make matching items instantly identifiable.
4. Advertise a sale: use swing tags attached to your usual carrier bags prior to an event to promote it, without needing to reprint bags.
5. Draw attention to a certain product that has perhaps been endorsed by a celebrity or been written about in a magazine or newspaper: “As featured in The Times”. “As used by XXXX.”
6. Use a swing tag for a competition and ask customers to display the tags for you in appropriate places.
7. Display a series of colours or swatches – think several swing tags all tied together that fan out like a pack of cards.
8. For gift wrapping to help promote your company to a new audience – where you may know that a product is being bought as a present.
9. Restaurants could use them to attach to the regular menu to promote seasonal specials.
10. Use them for decoration – make mobiles and bunting using branded tags to adorn a shop front or window.
11. Use to gather customer data by adding a customer feedback form/contact form to the back.

Don’t forget to make a plan for attaching them. String creates a vintage feel, as do pretty ribbons. Thin wire (think the type florists use) is more urban and edgy, and hessian or similar, says environmentally friendly.

Hope that swings it for you!  We think they are the hidden gems of the printing world.


  1. Great ideas. I used one for a competition I ran once to win a teddy bear signed by Jules Hudson (from Escape To The Country) – I run his fan group. The teddy was too nice and didn’t really have a good place to sign so I got one of these for him to sign to put around the bear.

    I think it’s a great idea about the competition idea where people have to take pictures of the brands tag in various places.

    You could attach them to balloons and send them off to see where they go and have prizes for people who find them. I set off a helium filled balloon when I was 14…it was just a normal balloon and put my address on it. Let it off from outside my old house in Bath, three months later I had a letter from someone in South Germany who had found it near their home and they sent the balloon back to me. Was so cool.

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