The Best Ways To Distribute Your Flyers And Leaflets


Find out how and where to distribute the brilliant new flyers and leaflets you’ve just had printed at!

Leaflets and flyers are proven to be the best, and the most cost effective, type of advertising you can choose to use. So what’s the point in designing and printing an amazing leaflet or flyer, if you then go ahead and hire some neighbourhood kids or a cowboy outfit to actually distribute them? They could quite happily take your cash and just dump the lot behind a bush for nobody to see!

As American oil well firefighter Red Adair famously once said: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Don’t panic. You won’t get burned by any dodgy distributors if you simply follow these top tips from Solopress! Finding a reputable and reliable leaflet distribution company to get the job done right will only take a small amount of background research on your part. A little effort now will save you time and money further down the line.

Leaflet distribution buyers guide by Solopress printersGrow Your Business

Start off by searching for “leaflet distribution” – along with the postcode(s) for where you intend to distribute your flyers or leaflets – on any Internet search engine like Google or Bing. Then you can begin to ask the questions that will quickly filter out the best from the rest.

There’s typically thee main leaflet/flyer distribution services that will be offered to you:

Door to door

This is the classic way to get a leaflet and flyer into the hands of your customers… via their letterboxes! Research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that 79% of people keep, pass on, read or glance at leaflets and flyers delivered to their door.

Solo, also referred to as Solus or a similar variation on the word, is the ultimate, but also the most expensive, form of door-to-door leaflet distribution. This is because the recipient will only have your leaflet or flyer in their hand when they go to see what’s just been popped through their letterbox.

Perhaps you have a specific requirement for your leaflet distribution by door drop? You may have particular streets and areas in mind. Check to see if the leaflet distribution company will allow you to make the leaflet and flyer distribution unique to your needs, right down to individual streets if you need them to. Do they offer a distribution service that can ignore flats? Or council houses? Or just deliver to council houses only?

If you go for a slightly cheaper Shared door to door plan, your leaflet or flyer will be delivered with other companies’ leaflets and flyers. The distributor will normally assure you that these firms will be of a non competitive nature only. So, as an example, the new menu for your small, family-run pizza takeaway business shouldn’t be sitting next a booklet stacked full of buy one, get one free coupon offers from the likes of Pizza Hut or Domino’s. But, like the option below, this shared distribution method will obviously lessen the impact of your leaflet.

There’s also the option to distribute your leaflets or flyers inside any free local newspapers. Again, your marketing message could get lost amongst all this competition.

Geoplan basic mapping softwareHand to hand

Your leaflets and flyers are out on the streets, thrust right into the hands of potential customers! If you’re working with a savvy operator, their friendly distribution staff will ideally give a little sales pitch or answer questions – and hopefully engage with people – when they hand over your leaflet too. Better still, will they be wearing a T-shirt, coat or baseball cap with your brand on them?

Of course, location and timing are all-important here. Target busy shopping centres and high streets at the weekend or lunchtime, hang outside public transport hubs during the commuter rush hours, make sure your leaflets are going to be handed out at popular shows, festivals, sports events and other special occasions where big numbers of people will be visiting. All these are great places to start. However, the more creative you can be in spreading the word about yourself, the more business you are likely to attract. Why not try to smart guess where lots of people are likely to be impatiently waiting in long queues? This is where your leaflet and flyer could actually eliminate their boredom of queuing up for a few crucial moments.

Remember, anything that gives you an edge will take you a step closer to grabbing your customer’s attention and landing that crucial sale. That’s something every company knows is particularly difficult to achieve in this current economic climate.

Business to business

Depending on the products and services you are advertising, this option may make more sense than distributing your leaflet or flyer in residential households. Perhaps you’d like your marketing to hit a specific demographic like business parks, IT companies only or ignore any multi-national organisations?

Cafes, shops, hotels, pubs, takeaways, gyms, book stores, sports centres, doctor’s surgeries, libraries, etc. are all ideal spots to have your flyers and leaflets at hand. They are more likely to be displayed if your business offers a complimentary service. For instance, it makes sense for a gym to display leaflets for a local health food shop – and vice versa.

Geoplan StreetFinder mapping softwareSay What?

Once you’ve found your shortlist of likely leafleting candidates, take a look at their company websites. Do they look professional, trustworthy and affordable? How long have they been in business?

Is there a minimum or maximum quantity of leaflets they will deliver for you? Most firms insist on a minimum order of 5,000 items such as leaflets, flyers, menus, booklets or cards to distribute. Do they perform a spot check to make sure their delivery staff are doing their work properly? Can they collect your leaflets and flyers, or will you have to send them over?

How good is their customer service? Can you see any glowing testimonials from other businesses who’ve used them (preferably more than once)? Better still, is the company you are researching also reviewed on any independent review sites like Trustpilot (

Maybe they have a Facebook page too. What are their clients saying about them on FB, Google+, Twitter and other social media sites? If there’s any complaints or misgivings, here’s where you’ll find them. It’s also a good indicator of how a leaflet distributor will deal with any problems that might occur. Are they calm, professional and reasonable with their responses to bad customer feedback? Do they have a positive, can do approach and flexible attitude to problem solving? Or can’t they even be bothered to answer their client’s concerns? If so, do you really expect to be treated any better if you decide to place an order with them?

It’s All in the Planning also recommends asking your potential leaflet distributor if they use Geoplan ( This sophisticated mapping software provides a complete demographic breakdown of any area in the UK. Moreover, Geoplan’s StreetFinder was specifically developed for the door to door leaflet distribution industry – allowing firms to easily plan, cost and implement their delivery rounds. It’s not cheap to buy either, so you’ll know a company using Geoplan is willing to make a substantial investment in their business and clients.

Good Pitch

BBC2 Dragons' Den investor Deborah MeadenWhen any leaflet distribution companies tick all these boxes, ask them for a free, no obligation quote and then compare the prices and services all of them are offering. What are they prepared to do for YOU? Where will your leaflets and flyers be distributed? And how much will this cost YOU? Only then will you be in a position to choose the best one for your needs – and budget! By this stage you should have the confidence that a good job will be done and you’ll get your name out there in the big wide world, generating lots of new sales leads, more sales and repeat business. The perfect result!

To help give you a head start in your search for leafleting legends – who aren’t flyer-by-night operations – take a look at Hype On It ( and JogPost ( JogPost’s USP (Unique Selling Point) is they’re the only leaflet distribution company who employ runners/joggers to deliver marketing material. These guys even managed to secure funding in last year’s series of the Dragons’ Den TV show on BBC2. Peter Jones, Hilary Devey and Duncan Bannatyne all made offers to invest, but it was Deborah Meaden who eventually clinched the deal with an investment of £50,000 for a 20% stake in the firm. So if JogPost are good enough for four multi-millionaire Dragon investors, surely they’re worth talking to about your leaflet distribution?

Regular Solopress customer Hype On It, aka Hyponik, are a London based flyer and poster distribution service with a nation wide promotional reach. With almost 10 years experience working within the event marketing and street promotion industry they have established a rich involvement with the UK club, festival and events scene. Hype On It’s impressive client list boasts top brands such as Adidas, Fabric, Footlocker, Global Gathering and Ministry of Sound.

Flyer distribution services at Hype On It include:

  • Shop drop and retail distribution – From record and fashion stores to hairdressers and bars, these venues are constantly being updated to ensure the greatest level of coverage across the UK
  • Shop postering and flyer postering – Guaranteeing high visibility and maximising your exposure to the general public
  • Flyer packs – These are situated inside many cafes and stores nationwide, and also circulated throughout the best club nights every weekend
  • Hand to hand flyering – Hype On It’s team will distribute your flyers at the venue of your choice, at whatever time of day or night you need to reach your target audience

“Our authoritative presence within street promotion has enabled us to work with leading brands, promoters, festivals, musicians and music venues, allowing them to reach their target market,” says Ben Whelan at Hype On It. “We provide complete direct marketing solutions for your business or campaign. Working with all of our clients to offer support and advice on how we can customise our street promotional services to maximise impact.”

If you would also like to personally recommend a leaflet distribution company, please share their details – and the reason why you’re endorsing them – in our Comments Reply box below.

Track Your Success

Once you’ve distributed your leaflets and flyers, make sure you keep track of the response rate from customers. This can be achieved in many ways, such as:

  • Including a special offer for a limited time only
  • Featuring a buy one, get one free or money off discount coupon
  • Adding a special QR barcode on the flyer/leaflet that links to a particular page or image on your website
  • Inviting customers to complete a survey or registration process that asks them the “where did you hear about us?” type of question
  • Was there an increase in the number of phone calls, e-mails, web visits or pop-in customers in the days following your leaflet or flyer going out?

This info will also help you fine tune any future promotions. Don’t forget that people also put leaflets and flyers aside and keep them safe until they have a need for your particular product or service.

If you are still not sure about the most successful marketing ideas to employ, the sales and design teams at will be happy to offer you the very best advice – utilising their many years of experience in print advertising – when you order your leaflets and flyers from us.

Solopress Printing & Design Helpline

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  3. This is really great information about distributing flyers. I see flyers for businesses all the time, and it seems like a great way to market yourself and raise awareness. I didn’t realize that you could have your flyers delivered by themselves or with a stack of other businesses’ flyers. There are a lot of options, I will have to keep them in mind in case I ever need to distribute flyers in the future.

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    • Hi Emma, thank you for your comment – we can certainly design and print a leaflet for you, but we don’t offer distribution services. We offer free UK delivery services to send your order to your address, but once you’ve received it you’ll need to connect with a distribution service in Clapham. Cheers! -Danielle

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