Think In Colour Book Cover Changes Colour When You Touch It

Think in Colour book covers

Belgian graphic designer Hugo Puttaert, founder of the design studio Visionandfactory in Brussels, urges all of us to Think in Colour in his latest book…

Think in Colour book covers

A visual trip into the influential graphic design work of Hugo Puttaert that urges us to Think in Colour, even the cover of this new book bursts into colour when the surface is rubbed.

Hugo Puttaert and Visionandfactory have worked as designers and consultants for a wide range of businesses and cultural organisations since the studio was founded in 1990. Puttaert is also professor at Sint Lucas University College of Art and Design in Antwerp, and is editor-in-chief and creative director of, a magazine focusing on cutting-edge graphic design from Belgium and elsewhere.

“All too often, design is merely used as a trendy lubricant to facilitate the marketing of anything and everything,” says Hugo Puttaert when talking about design. “But in fact, design is not about the product, it is about the act.”

Think in Colour, published by MER Paper Kunsthalle, is out now for €45 (ISBN 978-94-9177-518-5).

Changing colours book covers

Inside pages of Think in Colour book

Covers of Think in Colour book


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