miniBIGS: Pop Culture Custom Lego Mini-Figures!

minibigs custom figures

MiniBiGS make big fun with little pieces! Innovative US based custom Lego Minifig sellers are taking the world by storm with these little pad-printed wonders. 

 minibigs custom figures

How MiniBiGs Started

Al and Shannon Hernadi make up team MiniBiGs, which started 5 years ago with a love for Lego and vintage Lego mini-figures. They soon realised there was a shortage of cool pop culture and military figures – so they started to make their own!

They first started by applying and sealing hundreds of water-slide decals (slip decals). Realising this was too time consuming they’ve now switched to pad printing, which is much faster and more durable.

lego figs

StarWars Custom Minifigs – Buy at MiniBiGs Online Store!

What is Pad Printing?

Pad printing is a printing process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object, a form of off-set printing. The image is transferred via a silicon pad onto a substrate, and is usually used to print on objects that are difficult to print to such as odd or small shaped products.

What Can you Buy at

The guys are MiniBiGs have request after request for all kinds of crazy characters, but they didn’t just stick to one thing – they found a whole bunch of awesome accessories and weapons to help make regular minifigs more fun.

Lego Minifig Helmets

Above: Just a fraction of the awesome accessories available at


Walking Dead Themed Minifigures

Around the World

MiniBiGs are shipped from Warren, Michigan and delivered to every corner of the world. Their mission is to to engage everyone, young and old, boy or girl, into the fun world of minifigs, promising something for everyone! throneofbricks copy

Game of Thrones themed Minifigures.

Tips for Success

Al Hernadi, owner and proprietor had this to say about starting his own business “When your work is an activity or hobby that you really enjoy, then all of your efforts don’t really feel like work at all. The best part about working at Minibigs is seeing how our products affect our customers lives and how much happiness it brings them.”

Check out for the coolest Lego Mini-figures and custom accessories!


  1. These are amazing, I know so many people who have started collecting Lego as adults, and this is definitely one for them.

    I may have to get a mini dragon, just because it’s adorable.

  2. This is brilliant! I LOVE the Game of Thrones figures, particularly the little dragon (although it has to be said that Danerys is certainly more beautiful on TV than in lego creation!)

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