Font Of The Day: Barista Font

Barista font cup sizes

Inspired by the fast, fluid handwriting of Starbucks baristas, this whimsical font was created by New Yorker Hanna Kregling.

Barista Font Of The Day

One Letter At A Time

Hanna, a recent art and ad school graduate, enlisted her caffeinated friends’ assistance and collected different letters of the alphabet from various Starbucks takeaway cups. Once she had enough examples, she cut them out and used them in the design of her font. Her intention was to show the fast pace and originality of being a barista through her own work.

Barista font on a Starbucks cup

Tall, Grande or Venti

The Barista font is available in three different formats – varying thicknesses cleverly named “Tall” (thin), “Grande” (standard) and “Venti” (thick and bold.) Best of all, it’s available to download for free from Font Space. The casual, scrawling script could be ideal for craft-related projects, blogs and of course, anything coffee-inspired!

Barista font cup sizes


  1. A very intriguing font which integrates smoothly into the existing font library of Arial, Times New Roman etc seen the world over. Its squiggles and style are highly refreshing, reflecting a 21st century cosmopolitan vibe. A forward thinking font!


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