Font Of The Day: Chemical Cloud

jose bernabe chemical cloud font of the day

Amsterdam-based designer and artist Jose Bernabe has drawn on his many talents to create Chemical Cloud, our Font of the Day.

jose bernabe chemical cloud font of the day

The Talented Designer

A professional graphic designer who works in art direction and typography, Bernabe is also a sculptor and painter. He enjoys creating “strong, fresh” work in any way that inspires him. Bernabe likes taking risks and is always learning.

chemical cloud photoshop font of the day

Mixing Mediums

Instead of concentrating on one medium, Bernabe works with a variety of different methods. He reportedly enjoys both digital and handmade creations, as well as finding the beauty in what many consider ugly. This results in unexpected and unique imagery and typography.

the letter m in chemical cloud typography

Chemical Cloud

Made of half clouds and half sans serif font, Chemical Cloud was created when Bernabe was experimenting with brush tools in Photoshop. The gradient of colours within the clouds is a stunning and unexpected result which Bernabe and fans of his work are delighted by. For more information on the works of Jose Bernabe, including the Chemical Cloud font, check out his website.

colourful gradient clouds in this font

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