Choosing the Right Font for your Printing


The style and type of font used within a piece of business literature can speak volumes about the business and directly impacts customer perceptions of the brand.

It is important to carefully consider the most appropriate font style for your business. Each font style has certain characteristics, whether this be serious, traditional or modern and the traits of the font that you use in your marketing materials and communications should reflect and enhance your company brand.

Helvetica is one of the most popular sans-serif fonts and comes as standard on Macs

Broadly speaking most fonts can be categorised into four groups:

  • Serif fonts: This style of font has little ‘feet’ (serifs) at the end of the lines that make up the letters. Popular serif fonts include Times and Palatino. These are generally considered to be more traditional, elegant and old-fashioned.
  • Sans-serif fonts: These are the opposite to serif fonts, and do not have serifs at the end of the lines. Common fonts in this category include Arial, Verdana and Tahoma. These fonts are considered to be more modern, and provide a clean line of text.
  • Script fonts: These are calligraphic fonts, with the most popular fonts being Brush Script and Nuptial Script.
  • Display fonts: Often used for logos and headlines.

While there are no hard and fast rules, generally speaking, documents containing long amounts of text suit a serif font. Shorter documents, headlines and bulleted lists tend to read better in a sans-serif font.



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