Font of the Day: Homelessfonts

Homelessfonts Font of the Day

Helping to raise awareness and funds for a homeless charity in Barcelona, sells fonts created from the handwritten signs made by homeless people themselves…

Homelessfonts Font of the Day

The idea behind is that individuals and companies can buy downloadable fonts, each created by a different homeless person, through the website and use this unique and unusual typography in their own advertising, stationery, packaging, blogs, social media and so on.

Visitors to the website can also find out about the font creator’s story and see the uses made of their font so far. About 10 homeless people have taken part in the scheme to date.

The funds collected through will be used to finance the work of the Arrels foundation for homeless people in Barcelona.

“ was set up as a groundbreaking scheme which joins the artistic side with social commitment. It is a creative way to raise and transform the popular view of the issue of homeless people,” says Ferran Busquets, the director of the Arrels foundation. Thus, the typefaces homeless people use to make themselves visible in the street become a powerful awareness-raising tool.”

Homelessfonts website

Homelessfonts website Loraine font buy and info

How It’s Made

The homeless participants did various typographic exercises in workshops, which were then scanned and converted into usable fonts through the assistance of design experts and professionals.

“I never thought my typeface could be worth anything,” reveals Loraine, one of the participants in the scheme. “Thanks to this project, I’ve discovered that my writing is nice enough for a brand like Valonga to take an interest in it and use it on their products.”

Homeless people handwritten signs

Homeless fonts being made

Here’s a YouTube video detailing more of Loraine’s story…



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