Design inspiration – funny and original printed t-shirts by Glennz Tees

Arcade t-shirt print design with sushi pacman and ghost

Our latest designer profile looks at the funny and original printed T-shirts designed by Glennz – as seen on TV’s The Big Bang Theory!

Glenn Jones is a freelance graphic designer from Auckland in New Zealand who sells his funny and original printed T-shirt designs through the Glennz Tees online store.

Working in the graphic design industry for over 20 years, Glennz has designed everything from corporate identities to packaging. But it’s his amusing printed T-shirts that we’re going to showcase here today.

Glennz Printed T-Shirts

This is just a small selection of our favourite T-shirt designs made by the geeky genius that is Glennz. All are available to buy right now from his online store.

Angry Species

Angry Species printed T-shirts by Glennz Tees

Just how will future generations look back at these short tempered birds?

Arcade Combo

Arcade Combo T-shirt

Pac-Man sushi? Only Space Invaders vodka jelly shots or Call of Duty crisps could possibly compete with such delicious gamer grub.

Continuous Gaming

Continuous Gaming T-shirt

This is such a great idea that gamers have actually asked Glennz to make the real thing. Think I’d go for dim sum and dip, spicy Thai prawn crackers, can of Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso and packet of Cadbury chocolate buttons for my fully loaded Xbox One joypad. How about you?

Empty Cartridge

Empty Cartridge T-shirt

As commercial printers, of course we’re going to love this T-shirt. It’s also nice to see that squidy uses the proper CMYK method of inking.

Gummi Alien

Gummi Alien T-shirt

Let’s hope this sic-fi image doesn’t give you nightmares… or monster munchies.

Mushroom Soup

Smurf Mushroom Soup T-shirt

This hot bowl of fresh mushroom soup is simply Smurf-licious!


Nightmare T-shirt

Nice to see our own campaign against broccoli’s bad attitude supported by Glennz. This is every kid’s nightmare come true.

Reset Button

Rubik's Cube Reset Button T-shirt

Guess we’ve all wished for a Rubik’s Cube reset button at one time or another. One of Glennz other printed T-shirts, Melting Rubiks, was worn by Sheldon during an episode of The Big Bang Theory comedy show on TV. Now there’s the ultimate geek endorsement for any product.

Sheldon wearing Melting Rubiks T-shirt

Snake Charmer

Nokia Snake Charmer T-shirt

Remember when people had Nokia mobile phones? Snake used to be the game of choice.

Software Pirate

USB Software Pirate T-shirt

More Captain Jack Plug than Captain Jack Sparrow.

Glennz Illustration Process

For his T-shirt designs, Glennz draws with a Wacom tablet using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes, he first draws a quick rough on screen, then converts it to guides and draws his final illustration on top of that.

This short 3-minute video on Vimeo (time lapsed from over 70 minutes of work) shows exactly how Glennz created the illustration for his Water Bomb Squad T-shirt:


  1. Wow. They are amazing. I did not know Glennza works, but now certainly take some time for it to see the rest. I think that one of these t-shirts would be suitable for a gift.

  2. I’m a huge Big Bang Theory fan & love the tshirts on the show. Thanks for such a great blog about them & for the link to where I can buy them

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