The ultimate in wedding invitation design

Wedding invite printed by Solopress

When it came to their wedding celebrations, this happy couple enlisted their talented best friend and Solopress to produce the ultimate invitation for their uniquely special day.

Hannah and Seb met 8 years ago on the mountains during snowboarding season. Since then they have lived in London together, and last year moved to Amsterdam. Seb is a builder in the property development sector and Hannah works for the sports company Nike.

The Story Behind The Design

Hannah told Solopress, “we have always loved throwing parties for friends, and we wanted our wedding to be the ultimate party. That’s why New Year’s Eve seemed so perfect! Hopefully it will start snowing during the ceremony.”

Hannah and Seb wanted their wedding invitation to encompass Amsterdam, as that is where they are getting married.  Giving an informal feel to the wedding, they wish to focus on the big celebratory aspect of their special day.

Wedding invitation printed by Solopress

A padlock has been included in the design as there’s a bridge next to the church where padlocks are attached for good luck.  On the day of their wedding, Hannah and Seb will be giving each guest a padlock to write a message onto before attaching them to the bridge.

Bringing The Vision To Life

Hannah has proudly pointed out that the vision for their invitation came to life with the assistance of their best friend, talented graphic designer Jonty Storey of Cardigan Creative.

Wedding invite printed by Solopress

Being a valued repeat client, Jonty; who is based in Wales, recommended the wedding invitation design be printed by Solopress.

Additional Wedding Stationary

Hannah and Seb, with the valued help of Jonty, will soon be continuing with their personalised design style in the form of menu cards and order of service booklets, all of which Solopress are very much looking forward to providing for them.

Seb and Hannah picture for Solopress customer story

We wish Hannah and Seb every happiness for their uniquely special wedding day and their exciting future together.

Wedding Planning

Solopress offer a wide range of wedding stationery to make your celebration complete. We cater to unique and special themes and styles, helping put a personal stamp on your most memorable life event. If you have an exciting event in the pipeline contact us and see what we can offer to put the icing on the cake for your special day.

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