Solopress Sample Pack – A New Way To Catch Spiders

Solopress sample pack spider trap

Solopress customer James Doy, a graphic designer in Lowestoft, has found a novel use for our free print sample pack… he’s using it to catch spiders!

James revealed the details of his resourceful DIY spider trap via Twitter:
“Your sample pack has helped me catch so many spiders. Very grateful for that. The 400gsm A6 flyers are perfect to slot under glasses to make a trap. Must have caught at least 50!”

And here’s the photographic evidence of his amazing spiderman skills:

Solopress sample pack spider trap

Solopress sample pack spider trap close-up


  1. Eww 50 spiders?! Glad the sample pack has an extra use and this is certainly an interesting way of advertising your WEBsite 😉

  2. Ha ha! What a great way to catch spiders. I remember my mum called me up one evening, she said it was an emergency. I rushed round and she wanted me to remove a baby spider from the bath. If only she had a Solopress Sample Pack!

  3. Had a knock on my door from a neighbour the other day and had to do the same thing as you-she had a mahoosive one on her bedroom wall-she was soooo scared! Rachel to the rescue hehe

  4. Great idea to capture spiders, only problem is how do you get them outside without them climbing up your arm.

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