Mulled Cider And Wine Labels Printed For Weanie Beans

Weanie Beans company logo for Solopress Work We Love blog article

With a fantastic new range of winter gifts at Weanie Beans, had a lovely warm glow about us when we printed their mulled wine and cider labels…

Weanie Beans company logo for Solopress Work We Love blog article

Weanie Beans, the award-winning specialist coffee company, have just launched their new range of winter products and gifts. So when you’re enjoying their delicious Mulled Cider Parcels or Mulled Wine Spice Bouquets, perfect for winter festivities this Christmas, please don’t forget to admire the equally yummy labels printed by Solopress!

Starting life as a one day a week market stall making early morning coffee for passers-by in West London, Weanie Beans ( now supply a number of shops and delis across the UK, ship their products all over Europe and have opened their warehouse doors to the public as an online shop.

Britain’s Best

The Weanie Beans philosophy is keep it simple, yet luxurious. In the last two years, they’ve won three awards, ‘bean’ featured in The Sun and Independent newspapers, and were shortlisted in the Barclays Best Local Business campaign. Each of those awards recognises Weanie Beans’ dedication and passion for their products, customers and ethical beliefs.

Adeline Vining, the founder of Weanie Beans, ensures that all the coffee they sell is ethically and fairly sourced. She explains why Weanie Beans picked to print their new mulled cider and wine labels: “We were looking for a printing company who could print our packaging labels to a high standard and in a fast turnaround. A friend had just had some flyers printed which he asked us to display in our shop for him, and they were the perfect shape, size and quality that we needed. So we immediately looked up Solopress, where he had his flyers printed.”

It’s Positively Mental!

“Our artwork was ready to upload, so I ordered online via the Solopress website around 5pm. 1,000 printed labels were delivered at 8am the next day. I am still baffled by how amazingly efficient this is. I am seriously, seriously blown away by the outstanding service,” continues Adeline.

“The labels arrived pristine, perfectly printed and look amazing. Solopress made everything work like magic. We’ve had an unexpected quantity of orders online for our Mulled Cider Parcels and Mulled Wine Spice Bouquets. So I am obviously happy to recommend to anyone that needs their services.”

Weanie Beans warming Mulled Cider and Mulled Wine will add a touch of spice to any festivities this winter…

Mulled Cider Parcels A7 Flyers printed on 350gsm silk card

Weanie Beans Mulled Cider labels were printed by Solopress

Weanie Beans Mulled Cider Parcels (£4.50) are a combination of some of the most warming spices you can think of. Simply pop one of these parcels into a pan with a litre of cider and warm on the stove for at least 5 minutes. You can add some sugar, a splash of dark rum and garnish with apple slices to make an even more scrumptious beverage.

Weanie Beans Mulled Cider Parcels label printing by SolopressMulled Wine Bouquets A7 Flyers printed on 350gsm silk card

Weanie Beans Mulled Wine Labels were printed by Solopress

Weanie Beans Mulled Wine Spice Bouquets (£4.50) are adorable hand tied, hand made, bundles of spice to make delicious mulled wine. Just pour the wine into a pan with one of these parcels, and warm through for around 5-8 minutes. Add sugar and a splash of orange juice and brandy to make it extra tasty. How could making awesome mulled wine be any easier?

Weanie Beans Mulled Wine Bouquet Label printing by Solopress

“ have the fastest printing turnaround I’ve ever experienced. It’s mental! In a positive way, obviously.”

Adeline Vining, founder of Weanie Beans

Adeline Vining of Weanie Beans is a well chuffed Solopress customer How did you design your Mulled Cider and Wine labels?

  • Weanie Beans: We have a great designer who’s been designing our packaging for a couple of years now, so he has a great understanding of our brand. When we briefed him for the mulled cider and mulled wine labels, we were quite vague knowing he would (hopefully!) understand what we trying to achieve. Thankfully, he did. We wanted the labels to reflect the home made nature of the spice parcels, and we wanted them to be quite striking, whilst still having a warm colour pallet. As we are primarily a coffee company, he adapted our logo perfectly so that the products wouldn’t look out of place next to our other items, but would still fit the nature of the business. Why did you choose to print on this particular type (350gsm silk, A7 size) of flyer?

  • Weanie Beans: We’d seen some of those particular flyers printed in black & white and realised they were the exact size that we were looking for. Other printers tended to print A7 on a more flimsy material, and we’d been struggling to find something that wouldn’t simply flop over when we folded it in half. The 350gsm was perfect. Not flimsy at all, yet not so rigid that it outbalanced the rest of the packaging. Are you pleased with the quality of the 350gsm silk card and our printing?

  • Weanie Beans: The quality of the card and printing is perfect. I can’t say much more than that! They look great. The worry is always that silk card can be a bit too shiny, so I’m chuffed with these ones. Have you considered ordering any of our other products – posters, stickers or banners, for example?

  • Weanie Beans: Having received these labels, and being so happy with the service, I’m quite sure I will be sending more business your way. We regularly print loyalty cards, business cards and stickers. Solopress will probably end up with all my printing business! I think you’re amazing. Is business good? How do you see 2012 shaping up for Weanie Beans?

  • Weanie Beans: Business is good! It’s been a very busy year for us, not least because I got married, and have taken some time off work. But the whole team at Weanie Beans are brilliant, and can manage perfectly without me. Winter is looking very promising as we approach the Christmas trading period. We have new stockists, and online sales are at an all time high. We expect our new customers (both wholesale and retail) to continue buying from us into the New Year, so 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year all round for us. Thank you very much, Weanie Beans! We look forward to working with you again soon.

To order your own 350gsm Silk Card Flyers, just like the wonderful Weanie Beans printed labels you see here, please visit Prices start at only £45 – and we can print within 24 hours. Thanks to our talented team of in-house designers, can quickly create an amazing, eye-catching flyer for you too! So please don’t hesitate to call us on 01702 460047 if you need expert help and advice with any aspect of your print or design project.

Please Note: All prices shown in this blog article are correct as of November 2011.