Our Environment: It’s Top Of Our List

our environment - its top of our list featured article banner

In a time of economic uncertainty, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that environmental factors may have become a less important consideration in people’s minds. However, we are pleased to report that environmentally-conscious and recycled stocks have prevailed as a popular option amongst print buyers.

our environment - its top of our list featured article banner

So if environmental factors are important in your printing decisions, how can you check out the credentials of a printing company?

Check to see if the company is using recycled paper stock. Demand for recycled paper has soared in recent years, and there are often a variety of recycled paper options available. This includes pulp, a dry, fibrous material prepared either chemically or mechanically by separating fibres from recycled paper, a popular choice for flyers and business cards. If using recycled paper, it is worth checking to see if the paper is forest sustainable, and totally chlorine free (TCF).

In addition to our recycled paper stocks, here at Solopress we have taken our commitment further by ensuring that we only use eco inks, which are vegetable-based rather than mineral-based and are derived from renewable resources. These types of ink also benefit the environment due to greater ease of removal from wastepaper during de-inking for recycling, all without compromising on the quality of your printing.


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