3 forgotten business stationery tools you need


Whether you’re going back to school, college or work this September, stationery will no doubt be one of your everyday tools. For a business, don’t forget these excellent essentials!

1. Notepads
A notepad is the friend you always want hanging around. From scribbling quick info and doodles, to visualising designs and ideas, these are certainly a noteworthy addition to your stationery.

2. Letterheads & Compliment Slips

First impressions leave lasting impressions. That’s why when your customers or companies receive a professionally printed, branded Letterhead or Compliment Slip, they will have nothing but positive associations with you. Go the extra smile.

3. Appointment Cards
These days, it’s easy to get mixed up with lots of meetings and times to keep. Take the hassle away for your customers with a simple, branded Appointment Card. Make no mistake, schedule the date!

BONUS: Business Cards
Besides stationery, Business Cards should always be a staple (ha) for your business toolkit. They provide immediate knowledge of your identity with how to contact you, as well as act as an indispensable instrument for networking, whilst also allowing a glimpse of your personality to shine through in order for people to see what sets you apart from the rest.


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