Make An Impact With Dazzling Company Letterhead

Design Works creative company letterhead and envelopes

Despite email being “the” go-to method of business communication, good, old fashioned snail mail still bears significance for many industries. Get inspired to print some fresh company letterhead of your own: check out these examples of brilliant designs and reasons why you should still pop a message in the post now and then.

Business Letterhead for Musica South Africa
Letterhead, envelopes and business cards for Musica, a South African music retail group.

Why Print Company Letterhead

There are many benefits to using email – primarily, it’s fast and easy. But if you want to send a message that will be remembered, a printed letter is the way to go. Typing it up and printing it out on plain paper isn’t good enough, either. Take the opportunity to reinforce your brand and build familiarity with your logo through the use of company letterhead and other, coordinating print mediums.

Stunning letterhead makes an impact on the message’s recipient. The mail is more likely to be held onto, and will do a better job of commanding attention. This is especially pertinent if the letter you’re sending is of a serious, official nature. High quality letterhead conveys a sense of credibility, and furthers notions of prestige and respect.

Letterhead for Absurd Machine designed by Jessica Benz
Absurd Machine’s letterhead, created by Jessica Benz, incorporates gears and cogs into its design.

Letterhead As A Communication Tool

In addition to reinforcing your brand and making a message appear more official, the design of a letterhead itself can communicate with your audience. Use images within your company letterhead to emphasise a product or service that you offer; for example, if you run a boutique cupcake bakery, you may want to include images of cupcakes in the design. The colours and motif you choose can also be carried over into your other print media, such as business cards, flyers and compliment slips for further branding consistency.

Design Works creative company letterhead and envelopes
Design Works’ letterhead, created by Jesse Kaczmarek.

What Company Letterhead Can Do For You

Bold, modern and striking letterhead can benefit your business in several ways. In addition to reinforcing your brand and communicating what you do, it can inspire customer confidence by furthering a sense of professionalism. This, in turn, can be an unconscious deciding factor that wins you more clients or a higher profile. Letterhead can also, of course, make it easier for people to get in touch with your business. While it often seems easier to have phone numbers stored away in a mobile phone or to follow businesses on social media sites, many people still turn to that piece of paper they have contact details recorded on, when they want to get in touch.

Munch Gourmet company letterhead and print
Munch Gourmet’s letterhead and business cards, designed by Paul Dolan.

With autumn just around the corner, many companies will soon start to experience an increase in business or plan on renewing and refreshing their entrepreneurial efforts. If for your company, this includes printing new business cards or flyers, why not consider some coordinating letterhead? You’ll likely be surprised at the impact it can have on your customer outreach.