How to Design a Business Card: Checklist & Tips

Solopress Mini Business Cards

Every day we receive comments and emails asking for tips and tricks on the best business card design practices. Whilst there are no set rules on how to design a business card, since every business is different and will have their own unique features and selling points, we can give you some advice on how to organise your thought process and get the best out of your business card.

Before you begin to design a business card, you need to clearly decide on the:

1. Shape of your business card. Anything from traditionally shaped, to Square or Mini. Think what will work best for you and create the most interest.

Solopress Square Business CardsSolopress Mini Business Cards

2. Orientation. Portrait, Landscape or even go Diagonal!

Solopress Landscape Business CardsSolopress Portrait Business Cards

3. Material. Luxury or Uncoated stocks for business cards feel more tactile, whilst thin cards might be more suitable if you need a cheap high quantity option.

Solopress Uncoated Business Cards


❒ All the key information is stated on the front of your card: your name, position, company name or/and logo, address, contact numbers, email, website address and, if applicable, social media. Double check for accuracy.

❒ On the back – logo or any striking and important creative element such as photograph or artwork.

❒ All information presented is formatted in a simple and clear manner.

❒ Your logo/your name is the most prominent element on the card.

❒ Colours compliment each other, font’s colour works well against the background.

❒ The overall font is big enough and easy to read.

Design a Business Card with Solopress
You can easily create your own Business Cards with Solopress’ free Create Your Own tool. Choose from numerous templates and designs.

Hot tips:

1. Go for a Textured type of paper which is easy to write on. Your potential partners or clients may want to scribble some valuable information on it, and if your card is glossy, it won’t be an easy task.

2. Add Spot UV to your logo or any other creative element on your card to spice up the design.

Solopress Spot UV Business Cards

3. Don’t use symmetrical borders for your design as printing is never 100% precise. For a perfect result, it is better to design a business card with solid background instead.

Solopress Metallic Business Cards


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