4 brilliantly geeky wedding invitations

Monopoly Invitation

These couples embraced the things they love in life and decided to go against the grain for the themes of their special day, take a look at these incredible wedding invitations to celebrate the coming together of geeks.

Galactic Empire Invitation

This couple decided to invite their guests with a Star Wars themed vintage comic book invitation in order to celebrate their coming together and brilliant victory over the evil Galactic Empire.

Mario Foldout Invitation

Esther and Mark from California spread the word of their marriage with this intricately folded invitation which looks like an old Nintendo Game complete with Mario in a Tux!

Mario Foldout Invitation

Adam and Christina decided to go a little further with their invitations and sent out Super Nintendo cartridges with their happy news in place of the game sticker, an invitation with the added bonus of a pot luck game!

SNES Invitation

Benjamin and Lindsi celebrated their marriage with these brilliant Monopoly themed invitations, packed with game style cards to provide all the important information about how the day would progress. 
















Are you looking to break the mould with your big day? Take a look at our incredible selection of invitations to help you share your big news with your family and friends; whether you want a traditional card or a comic book from another planet, we’ve got something perfect for you.