Make The Most Of Our New Desktop Roller Banners

creative ideas for using solopress desktop roller banners

Only released this week, our new desktop roller banners are already making a big impact – despite the fact that they’re rather mini!

If you think they’re great but aren’t sure how your business could benefit from having one printed, then consider these ideas. They just may prompt you to print desktop roller banners for your business.

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Key Desktop Displays

Whenever you need to draw attention to a bit of information, a desktop roller banner is a tidy and professional way of presenting it to your target audience. Think retail store countertops and reception area displays. They can easily convey your message without taking up much physical space, which is ideal if you aren’t blessed with a large shop or office foyer.

Trade Show Attention Grabbers

In addition to the traditional roller banner, set off to the side or in the background at your next trade show or exhibition, a desktop roller banner can help maximise your space and bring featured information front and centre. They’re easily moveable and ensure that every inch of your display area is filled with attention-grabbing images and messages that promote your brand.

For Any Business

A3 and A4 desktop roller banners can prove especially useful in these ways for a number of different industries. Here are a few key examples:

  • At any special event, draw attention to a featured attraction (like a photo booth or a silent auction table) by using a desktop roller banner to draw attention and direct traffic to it.
  • At a business networking meeting, when you might only have a small display area or have limited amount of time to showcase what you do.
  • In restaurants and bars, to promote drinks specials and featured menu items.
  • To advertise a list of services at a salon or spa.
  • As part of a tabletop display at a local fayre or market stall.
  • At an MOT centre to specify what’s included in a course of service or annual safety check.
  • For those who travel for business and need a portable display for presentations.
  • To highlight check in procedures or key information at hotels.
  • To send out to franchisees and promote cross-company specials.
  • At GP surgeries to draw attention to important information, like dates for flu shot or drop-in clinics.

creative ideas for using solopress desktop roller banners

The Possibilities Are Endless

While these examples span the spectrum of different professions, they are only a few ideas of what you can use one of our new desktop roller banners for. The possibilities really are endless – with a little imagination, these mini banners can make a big impression the next time you’re representing your brand at an event or offering information to customers in-house. Best of all, if you’re in a rush to print your desktop roller banners, we can keep up with your deadline. Order by 12:00 noon and you’ll receive your order the next working day. How’s that for “hot off the press?”