‘Tis the season – creative and funny Christmas card ideas

the epitome of joy christmas card

Don’t delay! There’s still time to create some excellent Christmas cards that your friends and family will get a giggle over this holiday season. 

If you’re still lacking a vision for what they should look like, take inspiration from these creative and funny Christmas card ideas. They’re not the usual “matching jumpers” photo or watercolour nativity scene.. and that’s great!

The Epic Saga Card

If your family loves Game of Thrones or any other epic tale, then why not recreate a scene from the book, TV show or film and use it as your Christmas card this year?

game of thrones creative and funny christmas card ideas

The Sweet Treat Card

Great for those who love to bake, this card features a lineup of personalised gingerbread people. Each is participating in an activity that reflects their personality, and even the pets are included!

gingerbread people christmas card

The “Modern Family” Card

Too busy texting or playing Candy Crush to have a family photo taken for your card? Bring that iPad with you! This family did so and conveyed a good sense of humour with their holiday greeting.

digital creative and funny christmas card ideas

The Epitome Of Joy Card

Capture the real essence of the holiday season with your children in an adorable pose that conveys the joy they bring to your life.

the epitome of joy christmas card

The Canine Nativity Card

This couple’s sense of humour is apparent in their take on a classic nativity scene. What could be more precious than a small dog?

nativity dog christmas card

The Christmas Disaster Card

Is your little one running roughshod over the house and getting into the decorations? Make light of the situation with creative and funny Christmas card ideas like this.

christmas disaster card

Your Own, Personalised Presents

If you’re looking for the perfect present, why not create something unique? Print a perfect bound photo book or a calendar and you’ll have it in time for the holidays.