Eat, drink and be married wedding invitations

Retro and clean wedding invitations with pink and black writing saying 'eat drink and be married'

Solopress customer Clint Rose tells us how he produced these wonderful Eat Drink And Be Married wedding invitations for his friends, Lawrence and Ruth…

Eat Drink And Be Married wedding invitations

I’m involved with the family business in Suffolk, doing a lot of electrical themed paperwork. But my real interest is in graphic design and that is why I was more than happy to do these wedding invites for Ruth and Lawrence. I also enjoy doing woodwork and hiking, but mostly my heart lies in being creative. If I could run my own design business I would be very happy! One day I would like to achieve that, so I’m learning all I can on the Adobe software I have recently bought. YouTube tutorials are also very helpful.

I’ve known the groom Lawrence since we were at primary school. I was given a design brief by Ruth and Lawrence which specified a few things. Most notably they wanted an invite which featured a London Routemaster bus, the slogan “Eat Drink and be Married” and for the invitation to look more fun than formal.

Eat Drink And Be Married

I researched the look of the buses and came up with the design for the front, trying to make it more elegant with smooth curves and subtle, thin lines. I then realised, when folded, I could make the other side of the card look like the side of the bus and use this rather large space to place the text that they wished for. Afterwards I spent much time searching for the right font and colours, and trying to find a place to fit in the RSVP details without it looking too out of place!

Ruth is also a lover of penguins, and a couple of Christmases ago she drew a picture of a penguin on the groom’s brother’s iPad, which, not to her knowledge, was still saved on the iPad. So I used her picture, made one of the penguins a groom and the other a bride. A small ode to Ruth and her love of penguins, and also adding to the fun look desired in the invite.

Printing Joy

I used Solopress for printing the wedding invitations because I had been let down by at least three or four printers. They either couldn’t cut the invites to the right size, or just ignored my emails after one reply. My brother came across Solopress when searching for printers on Google. Not only were they the cheapest, but they were also the fastest and had the best customer service. It was effortless, so in a sense, I’m glad it didn’t work out with the other printers!

Lawrence and Ruth photograph


  1. These are lovely. I much prefer this sort of thing to the usual flowers etc. Wedding traditions do not seem to have changed with the times as much as everything else in life!

  2. how lovely. Will bear this in mind if things go the way I think they are going to with the daughter’s big romance…

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