How to create dashing Christmas cards


Christmas is approaching, and it’s never too late to spread festive cheer with beautiful, high quality Christmas Cards! 

Don’t Put it Off

Christmas shopping, planning and buy is usually left until last minute, all businesses included, and that’s okay – because there are companies like Solopress who will ride on the panic bandwagon with you and get those Christmas Cards printed, sent and stamped with our festive seal of approval – right on time!

If your business is planning on sending out Christmas cards it is important to start preparing early, especially if these cards need to be signed by members of staff. As a guide, it is advisable to start designing cards in October (haha), so that they can be sent to the printing house early in November, which then means that staff can sign them , allowing plenty of time for distribution during December. However, if you’ve been busy but you’re ready to go now – so are we, and we’ll ensure those cards get to where they need to go before the deadline.

Worried About Waste, Want Something Special?

Solopress’ Christmas Cards are printed on environmentally friendly 350gsm silk card. We also offer a complete range of dazzling bespoke printing extras to further enhance your Christmas Cards including: Embossing, Foil Blocking, Thermography, Die Cutting and Laser Cutting.

As awesome as these things are they do tend to make your printing take a little longer – so it’s sometimes best to just go for a really nice piece of artwork.

What to Consider

  • Your audience and the nature of the business. Which is more appropriate? Humour or good clean traditional designs?
  • Is it okay to include a company message/play on words or joke or is a simple ‘Seasons Greetings’ message a safer bet?
  • Unless your organisation has strong religious ties, it is advisable to err on the side of caution if your cards are going to a diverse audience.
  • Corporate logos on Christmas cards can be too much – use it carefully.

Finally, it goes without saying that it is important to consider the quantity of cards needed. Some companies only send cards to their customers and others send to all suppliers and staff. However, in our experience it is always beneficial to have a reserve stock of cards just in case you need to return any unexpected Christmas wishes!


  1. Great post as usual. I have already bought my Christmas gifts and Christmas cards already. I like to be organised and hate the thought of being one of those last minute shoppers who has to fight their way through, just for the leftovers!

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