FREE flat design business card template & Photoshop tutorial

FREE Business Card Template

Following my previous blog on Flat Design, I’ve been thinking more and more how Flat Design could be used for print – so I came up with this simple Windows 8-esque Business Card template!

FREE Business Card Template

Here’s how you can make your own using Photoshop!

This guide is for those who are already familiar with Photoshop basics – but if you’re not a Photoshop user, here’s a PDF of the template for you to edit with your preferred artwork editor.

I’ve even put the .psd of the one pictured above on the web for you to use should you want to just change the colours and icons (cheater!)

FREE Flat Design Business Card Template Download 

Step 1. Grab a template.

I started out with the Solopress standard .psd business card template  (85mm x 55mm) to create these – but if you’d like to use a custom size (not recommended) you can simply change the height and width.

Step 2. Pick some icons. have over 2,500 .png icons for you to download in various categories such as Gadgets, Office, People and even popular Brand logos (this is where you’ll find Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Icons.)

Just choose the icon, and set the scale and colour – I’ve used white for contrast on these, but if you have lighter background colours, a darker colour would be recommended. However these can always be changed with the “colour overlay” layer style.

The boxes make the info inside really stand out, no more squinting over lines of text, the big icons ensure your eyes are drawn to the right info straight away – just make sure the icons you use have a clear or universal meaning.

Step 3. Create some coloured boxes.

I’ve put a bit of spacing between the boxes, so set those out with the ruler-lines, and make sure they’re all the same width. To use the ruler, just drag from the left and top side, they can be hidden with ctrl+h (or command+h if you’re on a mac.)

Check out for some nice colour combinations.

I’ve made a large box at the bottom, and 4 smaller squares towards the top of the card – but feel free to change this around, for instance the bigger box could go in the middle with the smaller ones above and below.

Step 4. Add your icons & text.

Font choice is completely up to you, I’ve used a free font from Google’s font library called Lato. Remember to keep the font, well, flat! Resist chrome and drop shadow – this is flat design!

On the example business card, I’ve chosen Mobile Phone, Twitter, Web Address and Email – but you can put anything you like in those boxes, special offers, QR codes, products and services – or even icons to sum up your profession.

Finito! That’s your flat design business card ready for print, I’d recommend these be printed on luxurious 400gsm Matt Laminated card, to get the right look and feel. To get an idea of just how gorgeous our 400gsm Matt Laminated cards are, you can order a free Sample Pack to be sent out first class.

Stuck for Ideas?

Here are some I made as an example of different colours, with different icons for other business sectors. I’ve used a QR code dummy-icon on the Mary Jane card, but if your business uses genuine QR codes – this is a great way to display them!

You could even make the front all squares, with your name and company logo on the back!

FREE Business Card Template

FREE Business Card Template


  1. What great advice! Need some business cards for my new adventure and seeing this has made me see how easy it can be without having to pay anyone! yours look good as well btw 🙂

  2. great template and easy to follow. Noticed the Windows 8 box ideas are “in” at the moment so many will like this.

  3. This is a great post and very helpful,as someone who has never used photoshop,I think even I could follow these instructions.


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