How To Design Your Business Cards

3228 business cards design guide

Solopress designer Lee Whittaker takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a business card that will leave the right first and lasting impression… business cards design guide

BE CLEAR, CONCISE AND TO THE POINT Your business card should display your business information. Ideally it will just contain details of who you are, what you do, and how people can get in touch with you.

BE LEGIBLE You should try to avoid too many fancy typefaces and clashing colour schemes. Your card should be easily legible to read, people will hopefully need to get in contact with you. Keep all font sizes at a reasonable size that is clear to read, not so small that you need a microscope to read it. Using cheap and tacky fonts – like comic sans, papyrus, etc. – make your business look cheap and tacky too. This card should represent you and your business – our range of economy business cards are a good place to start.

MAKE SURE ALL YOUR DETAILS ARE CURRENT AND CORRECT Check, check and check again. Spelling mistakes and incorrect information reflect badly on you and your business. Make sure all the phone numbers, e-mail and web addresses are all working and correct

HAVE ENOUGH BLEED ON YOUR ARTWORK If you do not ensure that you have an extra 3mm all round to the dimensions of your artwork, this may cause any background images or colours to be trimmed off incorrectly. Again, this will reflect badly on yourself and your business.

DO NOT USE LOW RESOLUTION LOGOS OR IMAGES If you use poor quality artwork or images this again will reflect badly on you and your business. Ideally you should create your artwork in a vector-based program such as Adobe Illustrator. Any photographs or images should be at least 300dpi to get the best reproduction when printed.

KEEP ALL YOUR DETAILS WITHIN THE CARD DIMENSIONS Try to keep all your information within an inner margin of at least 3mm in your card’s dimensions. If it is too near the edge, vital information may be cut off unnecessarily.

ENSURE YOUR ARTWORK IS CMYK NOT RGB If your business card is to be printed, you must ensure it is indeed print ready and converted to CMYK. RGB colours are strictly only to be used for Internet pages and television screens. If you use RGB colours such as vivid greens or blue, when these are converted to CMYK the colour differences can be dramatic and disappointing for you.

TRY TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF TYPEFACES Try to keep the number if typefaces to a bare minimum. Using loads of different fancy typefaces will just make your card look tasteless and unprofessional. The best business card designs use only one typeface, with various cuts such as Bold, Medium and Light.

DON’T MAKE YOUR LOGO TOO BIG If you have your company logo too large on the card, there’s not much room for anything else is there! Again, the whole point of a business card is who you are and your contact information.

DON’T TRY AND TURN IT INTO A LEAFLET! If you try and get every single point or element about your company – what you do, who works for you, loads of different contact information etc. – your card will look cluttered and messy. The best business cards are used like a sales technique. Your card should make people want to get hold of you to find out more.


  1. As a graphic designer and marketer who uses Solopress for my print production I would add that you MUST use the reverse of the card as a dynamic marketing to sell your wares. The reverse space can be used to:

    1. Tell people what you do
    2. Show/list products/services you offer
    3. Add value to your business propostion as a solution provider
    4. Include your mission statement
    5. Include images or other marketing collateral

    If anyone is interested in seeing the possibilties and is looking at having great, impactful business cards designed, please contact me.


    • Thanks for your suggestions, Dean.

      You’re absolutely right – the space on the back of your business card should be used to its maximum potential. Especially as it won’t cost you anything more to print on both sides of the card if you order from Solopress!


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