Floor Marking Tape Strips 

Floor Marking Tape Strips are a good alternative to ordering tape on rolls when using fixed lengths. You'll save time cutting your tape to length and the results can look tidier and more consistent. It can help to reduce wastage and you can tailor your design to feature your graphics and messages neatly within the space.

They're available in a range of different sizes to suit the most common aisle and walkway measurements. All of them have an R10 slip rating and are resistant to the scuffs and scratches so they'll look fresher for longer.
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Customise your Floor Marking Tape Strips

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Floor Marking Tape with Low Prices and Free UK Delivery from Solopress

Floor Tape in long rolls of 33m or 66m can be overkill when you’re only using a bit at a time. If that’s the case, our Floor Marking Tape Strips are an excellent way to implement effective floor markings whilst avoiding waste. You can order the quantity of strips that you require in multiples of five, in varying lengths according to your requirements. 

With strips cut to fixed lengths, you can save time measuring and cutting and achieve a neater result. They’re ideal for smaller spaces where shorter lengths are appropriate, but they’re also great for large spaces when a huge quantity of strips need to be installed at once. Plus, the cost-per-unit reduces the more you order.

create your own artwork using a range of colours, messages and graphics, and branding, ensuring that your Floor Marking Tape Strips fit seamlessly into your décor and blend with your brand. If you don't wish to provide a customised design, our expert in-house design team have created some off-the-peg designs for you to choose from. 

The heavy-duty vinyl tape we use has an R10 slip rating for safety and a non-scuff, washable finish that helps it stay fresh and smart.