Gender Pay


Here at AGA Print we are committed to ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace for all our employees. Not only does a healthy working environment promote employee engagement, but in turn delivers a high-quality service to our customers. 

We are dedicated to ensuring the gender pay gap is monitored and improved upon to uphold our values and champion equality within our industry. 

Below is our summary for the 2021 Gender Pay Report, including steps we are taking as a business to address gaps across our Company. 

Key Data 

Gender Pay 2021.jpg

Facts behind the data

AGA Print Ltd gender pay results for 2021 have seen a slight increase in the mean and median pay gap. However, we are extremely pleased with the results for our bonus pay gap which has seen a tremendous increase for females in the business. 

The past year has proven most challenging for AGA, due to the global pandemic of COVID-19 and the impact this has had on our workforce. 

The main reasons for the results are:

  1. A significant difference in total proportions of males to females across the business, 83% / 17%.
  2. A far lower proportion of females in our upper pay quartiles. 
  3. A higher proportion of women in our office support / customer engagement roles which typically command a lower salary banding. 
  4. A significant improvement in alignment between bonuses paid to men and women. In fact, both have earnt the same, creating a  median bonus pay gap of 0%.  

What's the plan?

AGA Print Ltd will look to reduce our Gender Pay Gap with the following action points:

  • In June 2021 we gave a cost-of-living increase to all staff.
  • Introduce annual pay reviews.
  • Look to encourage more women into the print industry.
  • Increase job training across areas of the business.

I confirm that AGA Print Ltd.’s gender pay calculations are accurate and meet the requirement of The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. 

Simon Cooper
Managing Director