Gender Pay


Here at AGA Print we are dedicated to ensuring the gender pay gap is monitored and improved upon to uphold our values and compete with our competitors within our industry.

Below is our summary for the 2023 Gender Pay Report, providing steps we are taking as a business to address gaps across our Company.

Key Data


Facts behind the data

AGA Print Ltd's gender pay results for 2023 are again heading in the right direction in tightening the pay gap between males and females. At just a 4.27% gap this is a great achievement for what is a male-dominated industry.

Since our last reported Gender Pay, AGA Print has seen a 25% increase in the recruitment of females into the business. Predominantly in the Production and Customer Services departments.

AGA Print has always done well when it comes to reporting the Bonus Pay Gap with this year being no different. Females of the business are still earning a higher bonus than males, thanks to a wider bonus structure in place for our sales team.

Action points

Whilst the stats give a very positive picture to the gender pay gap, there are areas where improvement can be made to tighten the gap even more.

  • Continue with our annual pay reviews
  • Give further job training across areas of the business
  • Encourage more females to the industry

I confirm that AGA Print Ltd’s gender pay calculations are accurate and meet the requirement of The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Simon Cooper
Managing Director