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350gsm Silk - Flyers

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350gsm Silk - Flyers350gsm Silk - Flyers350gsm Silk - Flyers


Our 350gsm silk finish card flyers are printed full colour and bring a smooth, subtle feel to your message and can be printed on one or two sides (same price). You can select whether to have your flye…Read more

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350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Valeria Mizuno-Turner - Kettering - 28/11/2014Amazing customer service and speedy job. I love working with Solopress. Our company relies on their fast printing turnover and caring customer service. Thanks guys for your awesome work.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Joanna Skowronska - London - 28/11/2014Super prompt service. Lots of help and advice to purchase the right product. Was so easy to communicate directly with designer . Very professional and will definitely use them again.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Frances Hodges - Billericay, Essex - 21/11/2014Solopress press all the buttons! Great company to deal with. Prompt, excellent service, at a very good price.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Steve Clarke - Hampshire - 19/11/2014Stunning service. We'd never used this company before but we will definitely use them again. Brilliant speedy service and extremely helpful staff. If all companies were this good then life would be much easier!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Simon Rhodes - London - 14/11/2014Good, no, Great! There are lots of online companies offering print service but I decided to go with Solopress to print 5,000 flyers. The price was good and the results were good quality and exactly as I required. I will use again and recommend.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Faye Savage - Chesire - 13/11/2014Fast, good quality prints. I ordered a sample pack and was very impressed with the quality of the prints and speed of delivery. Soon after I placed my order for 100 flyers, they came in good time and I was very pleased with the quality. I will definitely be using again and would recommend.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Peter Dorman - Ntl World - Co Antrim - 21/10/2014Fast, efficient, great quality and the best value available! Once the artwork was sent, the whole process was turned around in two days. There was no time wasted, communication was succinct, accurate and effective. The cards came immediately and where exactly as described. You simply can't get this quality, at this price, as quickly and efficiently anywhere else!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Charlotte King - London - 21/10/2014Great quality, trustworthy service and fab customer raport. I used Solopress for my start-up business and I keep coming back for more, as the price is right and the quality is great. I'm thrilled with the customer service and like their system. Many thanks Solopress!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Jo Wright, cloudDNA - Berkshire - 17/10/2014Fab on all fronts!! Easy to use website, great pricing, service and delivery... most importantly...a great product. Have used Solopress before and will use them again.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Dylan, Snackums - Herefordshire - 14/10/2014Perfect! No need to add flowers to my review... Quite simply the service was excellent, the print was perfect and the price was better than anyone else. In our opinion, there is genuinely no better printer than Solopress!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 MoJen Jenkins, Creative Consulting Servi - 13/10/2014I'm a long-term customer and the service on my latest order was excellent as per usual. The flyers for my client were delivered to the correct address within 24 hours and they were printed to the requested specification. The artwork templates and instructions were clear and helpful.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Ryan Cornelius, Ryan Cornelius Ltd - Not - 10/10/2014Time and Money - Solopress get it RIGHT - Always ahead of schedule and always top quality prints. The staff are always amazing. I have dealt with a few terrible printers in the past. Sometimes you it may seem like you are paying a little extra but the extra is for experience so the job does not have to be done twice.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Rachel Hedley, AHOY - London - 10/10/2014Excellent service, incredible value for money. Excellent turn round times and efficiency, plus top quality printing. A real value for money experience.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Kerensa Dyson - West Yorkshire - 07/10/2014Fantastic quality at even better prices! Amazing quality products at a fantastic price. Would recommend them and I shall certainly be using Solopress again!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Desiree Delaloye - Australia - 03/10/2014An awesome service and quick turn around. I used Solopress for the first time - ordering from Australia for my UK client. Great customer service is the most valuable asset for a company to get their product into the market - Solopress are doing a great job. I came to Solopress via by word of mouth and had a great experience and will use them again.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Sue Doyle - Liverpool - 30/09/2014Fabulous company - I would give them 10/10 for their service and use them again. I needed a lot doing on a very tight deadline. There was a small issue but they contacted me and were very flexible with options for me and STILL hit the deadline for me to get my stuff overnight. I am so impressed with the quality and I will definitely be recommending this company and using them again.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Lis Duffy - Wales - 30/09/2014Have you heard of Solopress? I needed some double sided flyers for an event I'm putting on and I found them online. I submitted the jpegs on Tuesday and they were delivered to my house on Thursday morning before 10 am. They look great and a few people have asked me where they were produced because the quality is so good. I will definitely use them again. I felt I was getting a very personal service because they responded to my submission email within an hour. I'm really, really pleased with them.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Dr. Chintha Dissanayake, Oxford Psychome - 30/09/2014Great Service from beginning to end! I was referred to Solopress by a friend. I Have now used their services twice and not been disappointed with any aspect of their service, from product quality to price. I will be using Solopress for all my printing needs in the Future.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Gareth Willsher, Team Colours, Hertfords - 24/09/2014Great delivery speed and very helpful! From the start, the speed at which they provided quotes and amendments was very impressive. We found their prices to be extremely competitive. The delivery time was superb, even though the items that we requested had to be cut with a custom die. All in all a great experience with a great company.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Callum Campbell, KEEN - Oxford - 24/09/2014So much easier than I expected, with great results! Having minimal design experience, I was somewhat apprehensive about sending my flyers and booklets for printing, but the Solopress website is very clear and easy to use. I also emailed to check everything was okay with my artwork and received a response immediately. Incredibly quick dispatch too!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Customer - South Croydon, Surrey - 19/09/2014Absolutely fantastic. In a nutshell, I was shocked at the quality and feel, but shocked in a good way! Everybody has commented on how good they look. Thank you.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mrs Bissell - Shincliffe, Durham - 19/09/2014Fast, personal, quality service at a price that we could afford. Pleased to have found a reliable company we can trust with our advertising at a price we can afford. Solopress offer help with the design and deliver promptly.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Calix Furus - Clevedon - 09/09/2014Thank you very much for your ever excellent service. The products are of high quality and customer support is second to none.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 John Ashley - The Little Tech Co, Gwent - 02/09/2014Just want to say how impressed I am by the overall service I have received from Solopress. Their customer service is second to none and the speed they turn around the print jobs is unreal. You'd expect for the price you pay and the speed they get the final product to you that you'd compromise on quality but not a chance. The quality of the product is superb. I will be using Solopress for all my print jobs from now on within my business.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 David Ireland - Gloucestershire - 24/07/2014For the first time in over forty years of using print services, we have finally found a printer who ticks all the boxes. From the clarity of the website and the ease of setting up, our experience with Solopress has been a joy. Our photographs were taken in-house on a Wednesday morning, we ordered our flyers at 4 the same day and they were delivered by courier at 10 on Friday morning. Superb quality - as close to the original images as I have ever seen. We are already planning our next print campaigns and we do not need to even consider another printer over Solopress. Well done! A five star company.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Dean Butcher - Aberdeen - 24/07/2014Amazing quality and quick service! I ordered my wedding invitations from Solopress after my friend created the design for me. The price was fantastic and the entire process from ordering to delivery was seamless. I would highly recommend this company for any printing needs you have, I can't imagine many companies provide such good quality and such reasonable prices, and with such great turnaround. Very happy customer.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Jessica Rotceig - London - 24/07/2014Very good value for money. I was recommended this site by a friend of mine to whom I am very thankful, as it is by far the best value for money I have found online. The quality at such a good price is unbeatable!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Martha Baskerville - Oxford - 16/07/2014Easy system, fast delivery, good service, cheap prices, easy website to use. Ordering was a breeze. We just missed the deadline so we rang up the team, and they managed to get the order to us in time.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Victoria Chapman - Hampshire - 16/07/2014Great service as always. Ordered some A5 flyer cards in full colour, both sides. Great quality and fast service for a great price. Would recommend.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Barbara Harris - Southampton - 10/07/2014Efficient, quick and better quality than I expected for the price. I trawled through various sites and looked locally as well to find out where I could get my printing from. I came upon Solopress. Not only did they offer a very fast service but had an offer on the price that I could not refuse. When they were being delivered I was constantly updated by the delivery company and even given his name! Wayne delivered, and when I opened the boxes, they were perfect and also of a much higher quality than I was expecting. Thanks Solopress, I will be back.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Janet Korsak, Lacock Art Group - Wiltshi - 27/06/2014Spoke to someone who had good knowledge of the products. Good email follow up to my enquiry, the ordering process as very easy and the products were exactly as required. They were half the price of our local printer and it meant they came to my door rather than me having to collect. Very good all around.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 4 Nigel Craddock, Fulford Football Club - - 17/06/2014What I wanted, when I wanted it at a price I could afford!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Franko Figueiredo - StoneCrabs Theatre, - 17/06/2014Efficient, reliable, supportive. Solopress was economic, fast, and provided excellent customer service when needed.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Kan O'Lailey - Brighton - 17/06/2014Very informed and useful staff, a great overall service. No fuss, fast and helpful. The staff knew what they were talking about and the product arrived quickly and looked as I expected it to (always a bonus with print!)

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Anne Clements - London - 17/06/2014

Great quality and fast service. I really was knocked out by the superb quality of the A5 two sided flyers I had printed on Solopress's silk 320gsm paper. As a photographer I needed good reproduction to show off my prints. I only ordered 100 to see what the quality was like on my photographic artwork, but as soon as I received them, they were so good that I put in another order immediately. They delivered the following day to my amazement. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for value and reliability.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Simon Parkin - 04/06/2014Fantastic quality of prints, great sevice,couldn't be better ! i recently had some flyers made by solopress the service was excellent and the flyers arrived very quickly , the quality of the prints was superb , i was extremely pleased with the service and will definately be coming back for all my printing needs

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Bethany Mitchell - 02/06/2014Friendly, supportive and quick service will use again Recently printed a batch of fliers for an exhibition and had real trouble formatting my document correctly, staff spotted some mistakes in my order and spent quite some time on the phone/email ensuring that the image was up to scratch and my order was correct. Will be using again in a few weeks!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 4 Christopher Witham - 30/05/2014Great fast service Excellent quick turn around. Brilliant print quality. A landscape A5 flyer template would be useful

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Ayako Shirata - 22/05/2014The best printer in London! Great service on reasonable price, helpful staff and quick reply. What else needed? I'm impressed.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 JM - 13/05/2014Well printed, delivered on time. Recommended. Friendly, communicative and helpful service. It's been a pleasure

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Deafroots - 03/04/2014Very efficient service. I am very happy with the service. Reasonable price and efficient service. That's the reason we are keep using the services.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Tom Turner - 31/03/2014A Superb Service Once Again This is the second time I have ordered from Solopress and once again, I am extremely happy with the service. My flyers are extremely clear, well made and professional. Extremely well priced and delivered only 2 days after ordering. Fantastic!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Keith Boyd - 31/03/2014Fast reliable and good quality service Done what it said on the tin.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Nargis Shah - 28/03/2014Easy, quick and great service. Their website was easy to follow and it was easy to change options. They also answered my phone call query quickly and were very helpful about the artwork guidelines and delivery options.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Matt Dale-Fern Photography - 27/03/2014Good service Fast, reliable and cheap. I received some damaged goods once and they offered to replace them or give me a 10% discount on my next order.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Lizi's Veg - 24/03/2014Really straight forward and accessible upload process, with my PDF being proofed and confirmed in an hour. Very high quality flyers and a super fast turnaround, mine were 50% off which is a great help to a small business just starting up. Thanks Solopress, I will definitely come straight to you for any future printing.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Tim Gee - 24/03/2014Excellent speed and quality Great quality, amazing speed and fantastic price.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Sacha Martin - 24/03/2014Great! Good quality product, delivered on time, thank you!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 ASP - 21/03/2014Top class Brilliant product, great service Excellent

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mrs lyndsay hanson - 18/03/2014Excellent service and product... highly recommended They did everything they could to get the leaflets to me by the next day, despite the fact I sent the artwork a minute or two before closing. It arrived, and was great. Will definitely use again

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Colin Taylor - 17/03/2014Great quality, fast service.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mr John Russell - 04/03/2014Slick, professional, great quality service with production to brief & budget. Incredible turnaround and quality at a fair price - won't go anywhere else.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Charlotte Harris - 24/02/2014Highly recommended Fantastic service, fantastic quality and very sensible pricing. Why not give Solopress a try.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Katherine Wheatley - 24/02/2014Solopress offers in my opinion an excellent service, one I would use again. I found using Solopress a real help and my posters were so carefully packed. The one part of organising a 21st birthday party I didn't have to worry about. From initial contact to receiving their parcel they were professional and helpful. Even down to informing me of the delivery driver's name. I will be using them again. That's a thank you to Solopress

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Pete Smith - 19/02/2014Excellent service Solopress printed 200 full-colour postcards for me at very short notice. I ordered them at 5pm on Friday and they were ready to collect at 10.50am on Saturday. Beats the mainstream London printers hands-down. Highly recommended and will use again.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Leo Smith-Taste Italia - 18/02/2014They do what it says on the box A very efficient printing company with good customer friendly systems and good account management

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Claire Sullivan - 11/02/2014Very happy with my flyers!! Very happy with the service, flyers and turnaround time!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Simon Baxter - 11/02/2014The Product was top quality and the Delivery first class I felt that what I was promised was what I got, and the advice I received at the initial stages of enquiry was helpful and prompt

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Naomi Carter - 27/01/2014Exactly what I asked for! I needed to get some flyers printed within 2 days and came across Solopress website. Their online support was very helpful to guide me through the order and they arrived when they said they would via interlink. I will, no doubt, use them again.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mrs Busby - 20/01/2014Excellent service.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Sarah Johnston - 20/01/2014Good product & great delivery Great experience with Solopress as usual. Reasonable price, flyers were good quality and well printed, excellent speedy printing and delivery. Particularly love the use of a courier who gives a 1 hour window for expected delivery - A star!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Customer - 20/01/2014The flyers look great! Easy to communicate with; quick delivery; good quality. Thanks!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Dave Glover - 20/01/2014Professional, fast service at a very competitive price and top quality!!! I found the website easy to navigate to find what I wanted. The cost was clear at every step so you can judge which options to choose to get the most cost affective result. I made my own flyer design and uploaded ready for printing. Really impressed that I had a call telling me that some aspects were poor quality for printing so I was able to make changes before the printing was done. Very pleased with the end result when they arrived... really nice quality feel and print quality. i would definitely recommend Solopress to anyone.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 4 Gordon Hollyhead - 14/01/2014good service for a reasonable price Our Christmas new letter was printed and delivered in the 2 days required. The colours and text were as we hoped for and was a lot less hassle and expense than printing ourselves. We will be doing this again this year.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 4 Lara Heppell-Fluid Yoga - 14/01/2014Fast, good quality and kept me updated prior to delivery I ordered a bunch if flyers on NYE and got my flyers on the Friday of that week. They looked great! Thanks

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Katie Armitage - 23/12/2013Excellent Though I haven't actually seen the quality of the print (leaflets were directed elsewhere), I was surprised by the amount of attention the Solopress team gave to such small order, and the speed they were delivered. I will definitely be using Solopress for future printing jobs!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Lewis Turner - 20/12/2013Courteous efficient service Courteous efficient service - will use again

350gsm Silk - Flyers 4 Gareth Jones-Avon Tuning - 17/12/2013No fuss service, speedy delivery. Good value for money. Solopress sorted our flyer order out even though we had 3 flyers, double-sided of varying quantities, with no worries. Prompt delivery meant we could get the flyers out in a timely fashion. We would definitely use them again.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Rachel Kay - 16/12/2013great postcards thanks! our retailers love them, our designs look bright and punchy and the cost of printing was a total bargain :-)

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Sheena Ashford - 09/12/2013Very Responsive, prompt and helpful

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Nicki Valentine-Plucky Duck - 09/12/2013Incredible quality & turnaround Ordered 250 A3 folded leaflets and they arrived 48 hours later! Superb quality, really reasonable price and customer service was fab. Can't recommend enough.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Customer glasssmonkey fused glass - 09/12/2013fast no fuss Fast turnaround good communication and no fuss. Admittedly it was a relatively simple print job but having commissioned a lot of print in the past and found it troublesome and at times sloppy this was a breeze by comparison

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Chris Silcock-Silbro - 06/12/2013

Perfect, professional print service Once again Soloprint's service has been reliable and of high standard

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Nick Burton-The Plough Inn - 03/12/2013Solo so high ! Really brill - all happened as they said - delivered on time, great quality perfect price.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Michael Tribe-Create All Media - 03/12/2013Very fast, very helpful, very good print quality. After using solopress, I found their team to be extremely helpful in answering all my questions. I ordered the 5000 flyers at about 3 in the afternoon and they arrived by 11 the next day. The print quality was extremely good and all cut marks were in the correct places. Would highly recommend solopress.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Colin Thornton - 02/12/2013

Brilliant, easy, great products! Solopress make ordering so easy, their customer engagement and service is how it should be done. Solopress are a great company to do business with!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Terry - 02/12/2013Fast and efficient I placed my order for two different third fold leaflets to be printed double sided and I got them on time and the look really good. The price was very reasonable and shipping here to France was also very reasonable ! I will reorder from these guys again when I need more leaflets.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Charlie Martin - 25/11/2013Really great service, helpful staff and fast delivery. The service is really good. The staff are so helpful and can't do enough to support your order. The turnaround is also very quick.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Jeremy Hagon-ESS Media Ltd - 15/11/2013Quick delivery and great that they are one of the only companies I have found that do very small quantity flyers for a reasonable price. Handy for test prints or in my case, birthday invites. Thanks.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Sarah Christie - 15/11/2013Quick, clear response I was given quick, clear info on pricing via an online conversation. I received a text to say what time the delivery would arrive and it was spot on. Very good print quality.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 David Macleod - 05/11/2013Quality print and fast delivery - no problems Printed flyers met my expectations. Good price and fast delivery with no problems. Recommended service!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Diana Tregaskes - 28/10/2013Great service, will be back for more!! My brother gave me the info on this company, (DiDi Accessories) Exeter, he had had some flyers printed and was very pleased with the service and end result. So I had just designed some mirrors using my artwork and needed to get a label for the packaging, it couldn't have been easier. I am quite impatient and needed to get something organized quickly for wholesaling to customers, my email was answered very quickly and a new size template was designed, all I had to do was download it and run it through Photoshop and email the file back. I had the finished product in my hand, very well packaged, very nicely printed, the colours were spot on. So a big thank you to all who helped me and made it so painless.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 David Dimelow - 28/10/2013Good company to do business with, timely and professional service Had a good experience with my requirement for 10,000 Sales Flyers. The Proofing process was quick and responsive and the price was better than other companies I had looked at. Overall good experience.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Rebecca Steele - 28/10/2013Great service Very impressed with the service and the flyers are excellent quality.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Graham Roberts-Betnor Photography - 21/10/2013Great Service Flyers very nicely printed and arrived quick

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Jeremy Nako - NakPhotography - 15/10/2013Excellent service and very good pricing. The recent move to 24 hour delivery has been greatly appreciated, and the reduced prices on some products has really helped our business - long may it continue !!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Annette Pett - 14/10/2013Excellent, good service Very impressed will definitely use Solopress again

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 David Jennings - 08/10/2013Quality, fast printing. This is the 2nd time I've used Solopress and second time I've been amazed by the speed and price. It's also the second time other people's reactions have been: "Wow, where did you get these done, they're fantastic!" If you need printing, you won't beat Solopress.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Chris Clark, Jubilate Software - 07/10/2013Solopress saved our exhibition! Solopress were outstanding in their responsiveness to our short notice printing need. We had tried ringing local printers, but none could turn our job around in less than three working days. In a last minute attempt, we searched online and found Solopress offering printing and delivery in two days. So we placed our order and as promised the delivery arrived two days later - in time for the exhibition. Not only that, the printed material is an excellent standard and helped us make a good impression at our stand. We really appreciated their professional service.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Sara Scott - 25/09/2013Amazingly quick, great quality and great service. Solopress were so professional, quick and very responsive.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Shayne Newlyn - 10/09/2013Brilliant as always in every way, I'm delighted with the quality, speed and service! I've said it all above, and I mean it, Solopress are absolutely brilliant!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Sue Bateman - 09/09/2013Good product, efficient service, helpful staff! Great all round service.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Christine Markey - 02/09/2013Perfect professional product! My flyers turned out better than expected, was very pleased with the result.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mrs B - 27/08/2013Fantastic service, really helpful staff and super quick turnaround. I had uploaded an image incorrectly, but this was quickly picked up and I received a prompt phone call to rectify the problem. My order was with me within 24 hours. Couldn't ask for better service. I will definitely be using Solopress from now on.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Samantha Culshaw-Robinson - 21/08/2013The quality of my flyers was great, they had a nice sheen and looked really professional. I was a bit dubious using an online service, but Solopress were at the end of a phone.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Jodie Kitto, Dartmouth Fitness - 13/08/2013Great, quick service. Brilliant value for money! Really helpful online, and with response to emails. Super fast and cheap delivery. Would definitely recommend.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Charlotte Templer - 04/07/2013Very quick ordering and printing. They took my order quickly and they were printed to a high quality.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Becky Twinkl - 03/07/2013Helpful staff, quick turnaround, high quality, low cost! I absolutely love ordering from Solopress, they are so easy to use and I get the result I want delivered super fast every time. They have even worked with me to produce prints in a format not available on the site- brilliant service.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Liza Hawthorne - 02/07/2013Brilliant service and quality. Will use Solopress again and again. Truly excellent. Thank you.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Lauren - 25/06/2013We were absolutely delighted with the service, cost and great quality product. Will definitely get you to print stuff for us in the future when running any promotions.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Commonwealth Unionist Party - 20/06/2013precisely what we were after. The only part that slowed the order down was solopress putting on hold the order whilst awaiting a reply from an email that they sent re-quality of art work, which printed fine as was, this e-mail went to a outlook junk folder. The courier service used also kept us updated as to delivery schedule via e-mail. check junk folder regularly when orders are placed,

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Valerie Maddison - 20/06/2013Great service at great prices Ordering was much easier than expected, instructions were followed and delivery was quick and efficient.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Phil Edwards - PMX Music Ltd - 18/06/2013The Best Printing Service I have come across I can't speak highly enough of Solopress's service from the clear information on the website to the personal and tailored service meeting my specific needs. This is then topped off by the most competitive pricing and quality of printing, finish and delivery experience. This is a gold service which is very rare in normal business. I have an account with a well known printing service and ended up trying Solopress because I found the other company's ordering process and submissions a little bit over complicated and they do the annoying thing of bombarding me with email offers everyday. I think I may be switching to Solopress very soon for all my printing services.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Ahmed Halima - 18/06/2013Absolutely amazing, no words can describe the work they have done for me... loved it great people defo will be in touch soon In regards to the service I must say it has been absolutely outstanding right from the moment you decide to go with solo press they involve you in the process all the way through they are brilliant. The flyers they designed for my company AL Nabvi Enterprise are outstanding everyone loves them including me. The service and quality is second to none. I would recommend them over and over again. This group of people are very talented and customer focused. Thank for designing and printing my leaflets.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Dan Brod - 17/06/2013superb service superb prices really efficient service and unbeatable prices

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Sara Hazeldine - 22/04/2013Great product and service. I was recommended Solopress by a friend and am so grateful! I placed by order for A6 flyers on a Friday and received them the following Tuesday. So brilliant, fast turnaround time and the flyers are excellent. Great quality card and the colours are spot on - being a photographer it's very important to me that the colours of my uploaded photos are properly reproduced and they were perfect. I can't fault the product or service at all.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Kelly McKenzie-Day - Pop 'N' Grow Childr - 11/04/2013Clone them please! Pop 'N' Grow is a small charity working in a highly specialised field; so finding a printing company that understood what we do and what we needed from our marketing materials was paramount. SoloPress 'got' our concept immediately, went above and beyond to ensure that our needs were met and that our products looked as professional as they could. Outstanding customer support from the sales team and the design team. Utterly flawless! We cannot fault their service, price or product and we look forward to working with them again very soon.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 The Leadership Artisan - 19/03/2013

Great advice, great service - they delivered as promised! Helpful staff both online and on the telephone. Prompt follow up and the project was printed and delivered to Gloucestershire on time! I would not hesitate to use Solopress again.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Gary Baylis / Westhaven Worldwide Logist - 18/03/2013

Fast, efficient and excellent quality. Just wanted to say thanks a million for your quick response to our request to produce colour flyers - ordered on Wednesday and delivered on Thursday, in good time for me take them on the Trade Mission to Mexico the next day.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Andrea - 18/03/2013

Very fast, economical and great quality. I'm really pleased with the final product. I'd definitely use Solopress again.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Jo Johnston - 04/03/2013

Excellent service, great value and lovely postcards - I am delighted! If you want a quick and friendly service at a great price then Solopress is the company to use.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Imran Sajid - 02/03/2013

Very crisp professional looking high quality flyers! Fantastic value price and spectacularly fast delivery! Also got an absolutely brilliant Roller Banner. Will Definitely be ordering from Solopress for any flyering/marking material in the future and would highly recommend.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Tyneside Vineyard - 26/02/2013

Friendly and super efficient service. Solopress are an excellent bunch. We are usually working to tight deadlines and we can guarantee that as soon as the artwork gets to them it's well looked after and professionally treated, just like their customers :)

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mick Salami, President of RSS-UK Old Stu - 20/02/2013Quality production and prompt response. Your team was attentive: they listened and delivered. Your company's services are characterised by quality production and prompt response. Opening late (till 8pm?) ensures that your customers who do just 9-5pm can still talk to you about their needs.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mr Mike Cook - 13/02/2013

Excellent service, same as before, ordered at 6pm got the flyers by 10am next day.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Ian C, Singapore - 01/02/2013Great prices, outstanding service. We ordered some flyers at the very last minute for delivery in Leeds, right in the middle of a really bad period of snow and ice. Service before printing was efficient and professional (very reassuring as we are based in Singapore) and the flyers arrived bang on time. We're coming back for more.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Jane field - 01/02/2013Fast and excellent. Perfect product, perfect service and perfectly good and fair price

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mrs Deborah Beard - 30/01/2013

Excellent! Very pleased and will be coming back to Solopress with more orders.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Bramble Signs - 25/01/2013

Brilliant service as usual! Fast, easy and professional.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mr Merv Wyeth - 08/01/2013

Delighted with my new silk finish business cards that arrived promptly today in good time for an important conference next week. This is the same great value service as I received when ordering flyers from Solopress on a previous occasion. This satisfied customer will be Tweeting to that effect shortly.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mr Matt Costley - 08/01/2013

Perfect - great quality flyers and speedy delivery. Thanks!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mrs Anne Dixon - 16/11/2012

I am always really pleased with the end result of our orders from Solopress. The printing is crisp and clear and the colours true to the original design. Delivery is always when promised. Highly recommended.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Stephane ROGNON - 16/11/2012

Brilliant job and flyer quality... as always!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mr adam todd - 16/11/2012

Fantastic product. The finish was great and the flyers were great value for money. The service and turnaround time were awesome too. I would be happy to recommend Solopress and their silk finish flyers (350 grams).

350gsm Silk - Flyers 4 Mr Mac MacLaren - 16/11/2012

Prompt and accurately timed delivery allows you to plan when you need to be in. These are good quality silk flyers, and if you buy enough of them, they are good value.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mrs Rachel Woster - 15/09/2012

Couldn't have been more helpful with my order to print flyers. Thank you Solopress.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Tenika Mahoney - 14/09/2012

Thoroughly pleased with the quality of the flyers I received!! I needed A5 silk finish flyers for my modelling Z cards and they came out perfect! The delivery was very quick also. Would definitely recommend the Solopress printing service to a friend! 10/10

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mr Will Parfitt - 24/07/2012

Excellent quality silk flyers, delivered on time, no problems at all.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Miss Katherine Curran - 27/06/2012

We have used Solopress a few times now and they have always been helpful and efficient. We will be using them for our printing requirements going forward.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Miss julie howick - 14/06/2012

Excellent service from Solopress. Quick turnaround and unbeatable price! I've used many other companies for printing in the past and none compare to Solopress! Thanks again guys.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mr Neil White - 13/06/2012

Fast, efficient service. Excellent!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Peter Forster - 13/06/2012

Our silk flyers actually arrived quicker than I thought they would - well done Solopress!

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Mr John Asbury - 13/06/2012

There was an issue with my order when printing, however Solopress were on hand to help out and sorted the issue within 24 hours. That's the difference between a budget printing company and Solopress - superb customer service! I couldn't ask for more! Thank you.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Ms Robin Kendall - 13/06/2012

I really like the flyers; they are great quality, the silk finish gives them a very professional look and the speed of delivery is excellent.

350gsm Silk - Flyers 5 Jorge Ba-oh - 04/01/2012

We've been using Solopress for our flyers for over a year and must say that the quality, production time and consistency has been beyond excellent. Always delivered on time, excellent finish and price. We ordered in the evening for the cards to arrive the following morning. Will continue to use Solopress for all our marketing materials.


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