Creative and stylish burger packaging

illegal burger packaging by isabella rodriguez

In honour of National Burger Day, we’re taking a look at some of the most creative and stylish burger packaging that’s been crafted by innovative designers. 

These bold and imaginative designs just may leave you craving what delicious treats they’re made to contain!

Illegal Burger

Designed by Isabella Rodriguez for this famous burger joint in Oklahoma, USA, the visual identity of this packaging plays on the “criminal” aesthetic. With a contrasting colour palette, strong icons and a defined texture, it’s a whimsical take on wrapping up a burger and chips. Even the condiments packaging has been treated to match.

illegal burger creative and stylish burger packaging

illegal burger packaging by isabella rodriguez

MOSES Restaurants

Designed by Tomer Zakai and Fogel Ogilvy for this popular chain in Israel, variations of the bold packaging have been made for everything from their legendary Artburger to chicken strips. Intended to create a happy and joyous feeling that diners associate with the restaurant, it uses vivid colour and cartoonish graphics.

creative and stylish burger packaging for moses restaurants in israel

Hot Dang

Fresh and fun, these packages are designed for an all-natural veggie burger company in America. Stark white boxes feature brightly coloured wraparound labels and graphic typography, to covey a sense of clean fun. This creative and stylish burger packaging was crafted by Make and Matter in Texas, USA.

hot dang creative and stylish burger packaging

hot dang awesome burger packaging

Togo Burger

Designed to make a takeaway meal ultra-convenient, Togo Burger’s packaging carries a burger, chips and a drink. Reducing volume by up to 50%, it’s crafted to be secure, practical and carried with one hand.

Togo ultra convenient creative and stylish burger packaging

 Cheeseburger Couture

A fun way to wrap presents – particularly boxes and books – is this wrapping paper printed to look like the elements of a perfect cheeseburger. Designed by Sarah Fay and Justin Colt of New York City, USA, it’s part of the Gift Couture Kickstarter campaign. What better way to give presents to the burger fan in your life?

gift couture burger wrapping paper



  1. They certainly make the traditional approach look boring! I particularly like the Illegal Burger packaging – really bold and iconic.

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