Swing Tags by ImAStarClothing

ImAStarClothing swing tag design in Solopress blog

ImAStarClothing’s new retail swing tags reflect the edgy, cool designs of their fashion range…

ImAStarClothing (www.imastarclothing.com) are a new online clothing company based in the north of England. Thanks to ImAStarClothing’s classy designs, high street retailers across the UK have become interested in their up-and-coming brand. But in order to stand out in the shops, ImAStarClothing quickly realised they needed good quality – yet affordable – swing tags to perfectly compliment their hipster fashion range. Solopress.com’s gloss swing tags were just, ahem, the ticket for them.

“I got in touch with Solopress who gave me good advice and a super fast turnaround,” says ImAStarClothing’s AJ Taylor. “I would highly recommend Solopress. We will be back.”

Solopress.com printed these Gloss Swing Tags for ImAStarClothing

ImAStarClothing swing tag design in Solopress blog

ImAStarClothing swing tag printing in Solopress blog

“Solopress provided a quick and great service…”
ImAStarClothing on Trustpilot (January 2013)


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