Fast food turf war stickers printed by Solopress

Fast Food Turf War Ice Cream Sticker

Find out why photographer and artist Tim Constable in Bristol prints his Fast Food Turf War stickers at Solopress…

Fast Food Turf War chicken farm sticker

Photography is not my day job, but my current inspirations are street art and ‘life in miniature’ by people like Slinkachu. I’ve always thought that I could bring my own twist to these genres though, and over the last year or so I have been developing these thoughts with the idea of a Fast Food Turf War and obesity.

I use 1/35-scale resin military figures and my own dioramas and props, such as Corgi cars and vans, to live out this imaginary squabble between the players in the fast food industry. Hopefully, they will make people chuckle too!

When I first started with these ideas, I wanted to make it easy to share and to cover my costs of developing the ideas. As I had no idea of the demand I wanted to keep my costs down, but get the best quality product possible.

After searching the net, I came across Solopress and their invitation to send for a free sample pack. This arrived very swiftly and was exceptionally well presented with a personal touch. I knew then I had found a partner to work with.

The Way Sticker Printing Should Be

My ideas have recently developed sufficiently to start sharing them, so I got several runs of stickers produced to market myself. I did this in several batches and sizes as a test. Solopress passed brilliantly each time with speed of delivery and also in guiding a novice to the print industry through producing a quality product with ease.

My day job involves delivering first class products and service in a very demanding industry and it was so refreshing to be on the receiving end for a change. When this happens business becomes a pleasure with friends rather than a chore with a faceless entity. Consequently, I will have no issues in working in a partnership with Solopress to bring cards and posters to market.

Don’t take my word for it, send for the Solopress sample pack you won’t turn back!

Fast Food Turf War

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  1. How clever are these fast food turf war stickers! I am sure they would sell like hot cakes on somewhere like amazon.

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